Personal Message and Workout Recommendations from Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Fitness Product Developer

I am excited about being able to workout with you and want you to have your best workout experience.   I recommend that you begin with the following 3X3FIT workouts, “Summer Arms & Abs” or “Flat Belly Abs & Sculpted Arms” and stick to those until you are confident and comfortable with the exercises and how to use your tension cords. 

From there, there are dozens of workouts available.  Variety is so key in keeping yourself motivated and for making significant and lasting changes to your body.  It is our hope that you find your personal favorites so that we can work-out together on a regular basis!”

Thank you again!

God Bless, 

Kim Marie Ross 

Accessing the 3X3FIT ONDemand Workouts

The 3X3FIT ONDemand workouts are accessed at When ordering the OnDemand system you were issued a LOGIN and prompted to enter a password.  Please let us know if you have any questions on your LOGIN and/or if you would like us to reset your PASSWORD.

The 3X3FIT ONDemand workouts are accessed via a browser.  They can be accessed  anywhere you have an internet connection and can login to If you wish to view the workouts on your TV and your TV does not have the ability to access a browser,  simply login to  on your laptop/tablet and connect to your TV with an HDMI cord.

Some users have all used wireless mirroring from their mobile phone/laptop to their SmartTV or Roku.

More Important Info to help you get the most out of your 3X3FIT Experience!

The 3X3FIT websites contact valuable information to help you get the most out of your 3X3FIT experience.

Please reach out to with questions or concerns.

Customer Care Hours: M – F 9:00AM – 5:00PM CST



See FAQ at for other common questions.


QUESTION:    How do I hook up my cords?

ANSWER:   Take one steel clip and attach to end of one or two cords depending on whether you are using one or both cords.


QUESTION: Which cords do I use for each workout?

ANSWER:  Each workout is unique and different.  You will be instructed as to which cords to use for each workout.  However, see below for instructions for workouts that pre-dated the LONG cord method.


10” Cords:  In every equipment package.  Blue & Black.

*Helpful tip for those 5’10” or taller.  Add one extra steel clip to the end of each of your 10” cords for more range/stretch with your cords.


LONG CORDS16”, 20” 23”, 24.5”  LONG CORDS come in various colors –  based on height.    Do not be distracted by the color cord being used in the workout videos.  Your LONG CORDS may be a different color based on your height.  It can be helpful to own both 16” & 20” CORDS if you are 5’2” or 5’3”.  Many in this height category have found it highly beneficial to use both lengths depending on the workout/exercises.   If you ordered your equipment package from Amazon, you received the 20” LONG CORDS.  Amazon packages do not offer the LONG CORD options based on height.  LONG CORDS can be ordered at See SHOP pages.


73” POWER CORDS:   Light (Yellow), Medium (White), Heavy Tension (Black)  (Optional package purchase include all three or just Medium tension sold separately.)   Current workout videos ‘Upper Body Power Sculpt & Power Sculpt Arms -Supersets’ feature use of both the LIGHT & HEAVY TENSION POWER CORDS.  However, MEDIUM TENSION 73 POWER CORDS have become available since filming these workouts.  Start with LIGHT and work your way up to HEAVY.


.  If you are on the taller side or have longer limbs and feel you are not getting enough range of motion with cords, simply add one 10″ cord to the end of your POWER CORDS.  If you are 6 ft or taller, you may opt to do this.

.  If you are super petite and feel that you have slack in your POWER CORDS  you may opt to put one or two knots in your CORDS.  Start with one and add two is necessary.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you own the original lightweight rings (1/2 lb. each), do not use anything other than the 10” standard cords.  These lightweight rings were not intended for LONG or POWER cord method.  Upgrade your rings:  See SHOP page for package options.