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Make sure to also check out 3X3 FIT FACEBOOK page reviews. 5 out of 5 based on 91 people!






Leigh G.:   “This is my 48th year as a nurse-I turned 70 this year and 3×3 is perfect for me! I’ve really struggled after a 3 week stay in ICU with COVID in 2020 (yes, caught it at work). My family was told I wouldn’t survive, but they prayed me through. I haven’t snapped back as fast as I did when I was younger, but 3×3 has really helped me regain some strength and I hope to continue to get stronger.”  
Karen Pickett says “I’m a huge fan! You and 3X3 changed my body and my life” 🤩

3X3FIT Daily Challenger Marji Eismonth says this:   “DC girls – this group has been the BEST thing that has happened in my life in the past year. Last year I had reached out to Kim about not being able to stay motivated to use my rings regularly and she created the Daily Challenge group for us on Facebook and now I am a faithful exerciser 💪💪💪 I love having biceps for the first time in my life!!! Then last month I shared that I needed some accountability partners to help me stick to eating healthier and Rochelle Mermelstein and Debbie King and Kim Marie Ross have been checking in on me and keeping me accountable and I am officially half way through earning my first flex cord. AND THEN TODAY I come home and open my mailbox and there’s a 3×3 Fit package in there and rip it open to find my first FLEX CORD and the sweetest note from Kay Davis Banaszek saying I’m an inspiration to her and it just brought tears to my eyes. ❤️ And she encouraged me to keep working towards my goals to earn my next cord. I can’t express enough how much you all mean to me and I pray for blessings for all of you and thank God for bringing you into my life”💕💕💕    

Luce  Puniwai  “After 7 months with no gym access due to Covid, I studied various “home gyms” . I started 3x3FIT 9/20. In 3 months time , I witnessed strength & toning!! At 64 years young, 3x3FIT is now part of my daily routine. The best thing is, I can pack it ALL in a carry on bag so I’ll always have the tools I need to stay 3x3FIT!”


Dianne Breyer, MN age 57 Grandmother  “I have been a 3X3Fit user for 6 years.  I have been a fan since my first workout. This is a full body workout, without heavy weights. I have awakened muscles that were dormant for quite some time.”

Heidi Knight age 57 says “Being a runner, I found out the hard way that you need more than cardio in your workout routine.  I’ve been doing 3×3 workouts for 7 years and it has definitely improved my core strength which improves my running.  With the addition of the Hingefirm, I really feel my core getting even stronger.  Favorite exercise using the Hingefirm is the Row – works my arms, abs, and legs all at the same time!”

Debbie King says: “I have been a member of the 3x3Fit Family for over three years. At the beginning of the pandemic Kim started the Daily Challenge. It is just as it states, we are challenged to complete at least one twenty minute workout every day for a certain period of time. We motivate each other every day when it comes to the Daily Challenge. It has been a blessing working out with the DC Gals. We are family. We encourage each other with our workouts and console each other through personal challenges. There is no other group of ladies that I would want to workout with. “

Karen Booth  “I have been with you since 2017. I love your products! Have got out of the habit of working out this last year and really need to get back to it. I did the Total Body Sculpt Beginner Balance this morning. I am so sore! It feels great!!”

Overheard in the 3X3FIT DAILY CHALLENGE POSTS on Facebook page 3X3 FIT.

Melinda Hampton  “Thank you Kim for developing this exercise. I changed my work out time to noon and now I truly enjoy working out, which has never happened before. I have been working out with sit and sculpt since January 3-4 times a week. I have now lost 2 pounds, 6 inches around the chest area, 2 in the waist. I have energy and feel great.  Also I can now walk down the stairs like a normal person. I was going down side ways from my knees hurting.”

Kathleen Banaszek  “I’ve been using 3×3 fit for about 5 years now.  I have stayed at my same weight throughout those years and now with all the new equipment and exercises I can say I am getting more defined muscles and I can also say it is actually enjoyable.  Kim is a wonderful instructor.” 


Peggy Dorsett, Age 75 “Doing 3X3FIT I have better patience, nerves better, sleep so much better. If go to bed without doing 3X3FIT, I can’t rest until I get out of bed and do 3X3FIT. I feel so strong, I can do things the youngest can’t do. And I am still working full time. Thank God, for 3X3FIT, My Trainer, And Joe that came into my life. Thank U From my heart and Soul.”  

Nancy McCretton,  MA  “I can say with 100% certainty, this is no gimmick! It kicks my butt and I consider myself at a pretty fit level, given my age. My Seniors at the Senior Center have tried it and have already signed up to take this class starting next week! I CANNOT wait to teach this every and any where! This tool creates an assist/resist factor like none other. Thank you Kim Marie Ross for creating such an amazing tool and program for instructors to teach countryside! You Rock! If anyone is interested in taking a class in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, message me!” ❤ 🙂

Rochelle Mermelstein “I highly recommend this program. 3X3FIT is one of the best things that I have found on Facebook, and I’m always looking for things on Facebook . I was searching for a replacement for my beloved and exhausted Pilates equipment. As is true to the genius of FB, numerous Pilates and similar offerings popped into my feed. 3X3FIT was one of them. The more I saw it, the more I liked it. I was so intrigued by the rhythmic movements and the simplicity of the equipment. I decided this was for me. Kim Marie Ross is the real deal! What she’s developed is nothing short of amazing. The workouts are great for any age and any level of experience. The workouts are fun and challenging. We have the option to participate in her Daily Challenges, and win generous prizes. Kim is so supportive, and is always available to address any questions or concerns that come up. The equipment is made in the USA, and you can put the whole thing in a bag and take it anywhere. Lots of benefits for a very reasonable price. Jump in!!”

JoAnne Kender “I tried this program after seeing Kim Marie Ross on a local TV show July 2020. I had no idea how much it would literally change my life. I started off slowly, but daily and still enjoy doing the workouts daily. My strength and stamina have improved. I’ve lost weight and gained self confidence. Kim is right there with us in our Daily Challenge, cheering us on, creating new workouts building a great community of people who are working out separately at home. I’d recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a fun way to work out and make positive changes in their health!”

Constance Bynacker “I’ve been faithfully doing this program since last August-and have never become bored! Trust me, I’ve tried many other programs, but with so many workouts, a fantastic instructor and motivating challenges, it’s been the best fitness program I’ve ever purchased! At 65, my strength, flexibility and balance have improved tremendously and I look forward to each workout! I never thought I’d be doing V-sits at my age! Thank you Kim Marie Ross for developing 3X3FIT-such a fantastic program!”

Denise Hill “I LOVE this program. I have been using 3x3fit for over 2 years. There are so many different workouts you never get bored. And the toning and strength training the rings provide is awesome. And it’s easy on this 54 year olds joints! Lol. This is truly the best exercise program I’ve tried. And it’s always growing and expanding.”

Luce Puniwai  “If I went back to my pre-Covid routine, I know the movements that were difficult for me then will be less challenging now. Who knew 2 rings and a couple chords could provide such a great workout! I actually look forward to my daily workout!”

Jennifer Toone Corrigan “Changed my body and my fitness capabilities”  

7/25/21  Jennifer says:
“Weighed in at my new personal best! Thank you #3X3FIT! Completed Dance Sculpt, Upper Body Super Sets, and Summer Arms and Abs! Enjoy your day!” 

Debbie King “Kim Marie Ross has changed my life. I have been a part of this supportive group for almost two years. Kim had created workouts for real women some of whom appear in workout routines with her. Kim is encouraging with her calming voice. If you cannot complete a without that is ok, but come back and try again. I am completing moves I never thought I would be able to complete especially at my age!! This is one of my best decisions I have ever made. I love my 3x3Fit family!!


Bonnie Helm  “I love all my 3X3FIT products. They have been perfect for exercising during this 2020 pandemic.”  

Jackie Peltier “I ordered this a week ago and I am truly enjoying working out. Last shut down I gained 20 pounds and this shut down I said I have to do something. This was advertised on Twin Cities Live. I took a chance and ordered it. I have worked out everyday now for a week. Just ordered the roller attachment that goes with this will let you know how it works. I was afraid of working out did not want to fail but this makes working out fun. Will keep you posted on my progress. Happy Holidays!!!!”  

Constance Bynaker, WA   Participant of the 30 DAY DAILY CHALLENGE I’m happy to report that I’ve lost a little over 7 inches (without really modifying my meals) during this 30 day journey and I hope to never see them again! This challenge was perfect for me as it helped me develop a good daily habit and really stick to it- 3X3FIT is the first thing I do every morning- a great way to start the day! 

Nancy McCretton, Rhode Island   3X3FIT Instructor

From the moment 3X3 Fit came across my fb page, it stopped me at hello.  It was something completely different from anything I had ever seen, and as a Fitness Instructor, I’ve seen it all!   I am drawn to 3X3 Fit programs because of the functional movement people can do at any age, any stage of fitness.3X3 Fit made it possible to create a unique CORE program at a local fitness center and help shape women in a way that had not been available in any other fitness regime prior.   

I’ve been doing 3×3 fit since 2017. Have enjoyed every bit of it. Usually don’t use the word enjoy with exercising but you make it fun. and now the challenge getting to know others in the process. Keep up the good work. God Bless. Kay Davis Banaszkek 

Luce Puniwai says  “Drummrooollllllllll please! I completed Flat Belly Abs & Sculpted Arms this morning & AND Mini HINGEFIRM this evening! My first “double duty” and I feel terrific! I don’t want to lose a day of HINGEFIRM because I see improvement in my balance every single day. I was in PT after a meniscus repair & their balance workouts never got me in the shape I am in today!! I’m beyond thrilled to see this improvement in 4 workouts on the mini hinge firm!”  

3X3FIT DAILY CHALLENGE CHATTER (See home page for information on how to join the DAILY CHALLENGE) 



10-5- 20

Constance Bynaker. (Regarding the Daily Challenge)  She says: “Happy Sunday all! 🌸🦋🌸 Power Sculpt Arms snd Total Body Sculpt were on the menu today! I’m happy to report that I’ve lost a little over 7 inches (without really modifying my meals) during this 30 day journey and I hope to never see them again! This challenge was perfect for me as it helped me develop a good daily habit and really stick to it- 3X3FIT is the first thing I do every morning- a great way to start the day! Only ONE more day to go- and then we start all over! 😁 It’s been fun seeing everyone’s comments and progress! Thanks for all the motivation to all you competitive ladies and to Kim for such a great program!”

Jan Berqual  I am really enjoying the workout and being able to have such a variety to choose from. I am 68 years young!!!!!


Debbie King Happy Sunday. What a great day. #dailychallenge done. Completed Summer Arms and Abs and Total Roller. I forgot what a great work that was!!! Keep it going everyone. We are about 1/3 through the month. #honorsystem.

Arlene Wangsness  We’re on an anniversary trip this week but my rings came with me! Visited the Grand Tetons today-so majestic. I take my rings wherever we go!  So far this year, they’ve been to FL, CO, WY, ID, UT and NM.  I love that I can just use the on demand function and choose a workout that fits my time frame-and mood! 

I`ve always been active and into sports and fitness but menopause, and covid lock downs left me overweight and with borderline high blood pressure. (also, my husband and I are opening an ice cream shop to employ kids with special needs and we spent lock down months creating and sampling flavors. Good for the company but not good for the waist line).  I knew it was time to get back to healthy eating and more consistent exercise. I joined the Blue Ridge to the Beach challenge ( a 475 mile virtual race from Asheville, NC to Wilmington, NC) and was doing great with cardio workouts. However, I was still not strong and stiff. I saw 3×3 fitness on Facebook and thought it looked kind of fun, like a cross between yoga and pilates. However, I hesitated to try it for several days because the instructor was this gorgeous lady with fluffy blonde hair and long nails and I thought the program would be too easy for me. Still, it wasn`t too expensive to try it out so I decided to give it a shot. During the first workout I lost my balance and tipped over! The core segments are challenging for me. I`ve also found that if the arm segments are too easy I can add another cord and make it more difficult. I`m finding that I enjoy the workouts and they are a nice balance to my cardio program. Betsy Gorman Brewer

August 18, 2020

I am in Arizona and my friend is in Minnesota. We each ordered the rings with 4 DVDs. Using zoom or duo, we can see each other and watch the video on the TV.
Love love the rings and work out. We both are firming up. Great product.  Linnea Grooms  

August 17, 2020

Constance Bynaker  Thanks for all the hard work, innovation and variety you’ve put into these workouts, Kim- amazing job! Never a dull moment, or an excuse not to work out!! Happy Monday, all!!  🦋🌸🦋

Chris Prueher I completed Power Sculpt Combo. All equipment used, the favorite 🥨stretch included…what is not to like? I feel like this workout has been integral to my body really shaping up all over! My legs have gotten so toned that I don’t even know if they are really mine…😂😂❤️

Sheri Anderson 9/28 workout: repeat of Saturday…Flat Belly Abs and Sculpted Arms plus 3 minutes spinning arms with light rings. Arms are super shakey again. Tells me I’m doing the right workout to get them stronger.

I was laid off from my job at the end of April, and I made the decision to take the time to work on myself. I started doing Weight Watchers in May but still was seeking some form of exercise that would give me results. I was on Facebook one day and an ad come up for this crazy but fun looking program called 3X3FIT that used big blue rings and cords. I’m not an impulse shopper so I debated for four days over whether I should purchase it or not. When my order came, I  snatched it right out of the postal person’s hands and immediately did Sit and Sculpt. Every single muscle was burning, sweat was pouring off of me, and I was sitting on a folding chair for the whole workout! I am down 14 pounds, I have definition in my legs, arms and abs, and I joyfully do a workout every day because I love it so so much! This program is not simple, but it’s not hard either. It’s a balance of challenging muscles while being gentle as well. My 22 year old daughter also does the workouts daily, so this whole program is for any age! It’s been a great blessing in my life. I’m proud to be in the Blue Ring Club! Christine Prueher

August 14, 2020

I purchased this exercise system a couple of months ago, but it took a little nudge to get me using it. I am now 11 days into using these on a daily basis and am noticing more toning in my upper arms and more coordination as I use the rings and cords during the workout programs. Kim is an awesome instructor and provides excellent cuing. The variety of programs available on the website allow me to choose strengthening, cardio and flexibility workouts depending on what mood I am in when I exercise each day. With each workout I am becoming better at using the rings to gain improved fitness levels. Kim has been such an encouragement on her Facebook page that it’s like having your own personal fitness instructor to motivate you to workout on a regular basis which can often be a challenge with at home workouts. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a great at-home workout that takes up little storage space and has a variety of programs to address all your fitness needs.  Sue Bickel

August 12, 2020



August 8, 2020

August 8, 2020

I ordered this last week and received it in 3 days. I got the On Demand videos, and there are so many work outs to choose from. You could never get bored. You can modify the work outs to be harder or easier, then move up to more advanced work outs when you’re ready. I am way out of shape, so I have been doing the beginner videos. I’m amazed at how it tackles all of my muscle groups. Highly recommend as I know it’s gonna whip me into shape. Nancy Crandell LaGrow

July 16, 2020

My daughter Kari & myself met Kim at the MN Horse Expo back in 2013 & purchased our first set of rings & cords. We are still working out to the 3×3 rings & cords including the Body Roller! We love the different workouts that Kim has developed and continues to come up with new ones.  Linda Kotzer

July 14, 2020


Rochelle Mermelstein, age 69

July 8, 2020


July 8, 2020

Sheri Anderson  ” I just turned 65 this year, but I still want to keep active with my 6 year old granddaughter, so I’m so thankful to Kim for 3×3 because it’s gentle on my aging joints. Sit and Sculpt is my favorite!!! It’s a challenge, but I could still do it! I also love the classic core workouts. When I do them consistently, I can feel the difference…my back feels stronger and my clothes fit looser. Thank you, Kim, for your continued dedication to helping me stay fit.”

July 5, 2020

July 3, 2020

Review on 3X3FIT TONING RINGS (See shop page for TONING RINGS listing.  These do not have the attachment for the cords.  They are simple weighted rings for spinning exercises for the upper body.

Christi Nielsen  June 29, 20202

I bought these and WOW. I feel it after 30 seconds. I cannot do both arms at the same time, but hopefully that will come. Right now I think I’ll save my windows from the flying saucers that are launching from my arms. 😂
I don’t know if it’s because I’m right handed, or because my left arm is weak from a past shoulder injury/surgery, but I have to do them one arm at a time. That is A-Ok. I’m doing just a bit at a time until I get the strength/coordination down to do them together. I’m so impressed that I bought a second set today because what if something happens to them and I can’t reorder?!?!? haha  I also picked up some of the larger clips. Thanks for the free one in the last order. I didn’t even know they existed!
Loving this!”

Not going to the gym and trying to keep up with the class. Simple instructions, continuous challenges and feeling the burn!  Luce Puniwai

June 22, 2020


June 23, 2020

Debbie King, (on left) with family. Illinois

I have been a 3x3Fit client for about two years. I have always been an active person, but as I became more “seasoned” (older) I found the workouts to be more challenging. I was sore and not enjoying myself. In addition, while trying the most popular fitness workouts on the market, I noticed that the people in these DVDs were very fit. Since I do not have a model’s body these DVDs became a little discouraging. I found Kim Marie Ross and 3x3Fit on Facebook and immediately noticed that Kim and the ladies on her videos were just like me! I was home!! I love 3x3Fit!! I have noticed a huge difference in my strength and flexibility. I have nine different workouts that I change up every week as Kim strongly recommends us to do. I cannot wait to add my Dance Sculpt I&II to my routine. I am a Language Arts Jr. High teacher and the last three months of school have been very stressful with E-Learning. 3x3Fit kept me sane. I am honored to be part of the 3x3Fit Family.

Debbie King

June 17, 2020


June 12, 2020

“I got mine last week and the minute I took it from the post lady’s hands, I ran in and did a workout. I have not missed one day! I love it! Got my daughter hooked on it too!”  Christine Prueher June 11, 2020

Happy 3X3FIT users! :}

Catherine Matarazazzo-Nicholas says “Love dance sculpt 1 lots of fun high energy another great workout. Thank you!”  

June 2, 2020


June 1, 2020

May 25, 2020

May 23, 2020

Let’s roll and Flat Belly Abs/Sculpted Arms were my first 2 workouts! They were difficult, but not impossible. Great workouts without the stress on knees and hips – I am 61!! Loved your modifications!  Carolyn Ross

May  20,2020

I love it! One month already, no more lower back pain; I am still struggling with couples positions, but I will get it soon. thanks!  Marisol Bernabel, New Jersey

May 19, 2020

May 16, 2020

May 11, 2020


May 8., 2020

April 30, 2020

April 29, 2020



April 28, 2020

April 28, 2020


April 28, 2020


April 28, 2020




Kim, I bought the rings several years ago and LOVED them. I didn’t use them for about a year and then started using them again during quarantine and WOW! Why did I ever stop using them? The results have been fast and noticeable. 

Julie Hildebrand 4/23/21

April 22, 2020








April 16, 2020


April 10, 2020

April 7, 2020

April 7, 2020

April 2, 2020



LOVE THESE! I have started using them and will continue to use them. A great way to exercise at home.  Nancy Growe  3/25/20

3X3FIT has been great for rehabbing after a knee injury. The workouts are no-impact and I use the roller for gentle range of motion and stretches. Showed my PT a quick video and she agreed it was a great, safe option for improving strength and range of motion at home.  Marcia Van Tassel 3/19/20

I just received mine and already love it. Thank you.  Donna Johnson  3/10/20

Lucy McCormick, Illinois


Amanda Overcash, Nashville  3/2/2020

Shelly Jean, MN  Age 59

I can say with complete certainty working out is great for the knees. I know… I’ve had knee surgery and rehab is very important. Think about it. I am 50 pounds over weight and there is much stress on my knees. Our legs can only hold so much weight . I am using the 3×3 with amazing results and releasing weight all at the same time. I am in the middle of a two day cleanse right now. I decided my body requires a lot more love on it and no excuses. My knees are absolutely thanking me for these decisions. How easy is for someone to use that excuse that exercise is hard on the knees. Have your own experience and then you can say yay or nay. With Gratitude for this program… SJ  2/25/20

Denise Hill, New York

I’ve been using 3×3 for almost 2 years now. I got off track in the fall due to lower back and thyroid issues. Started back up last week. Let’s just say I felt it!😂. Today I tried the new Sit and Sculpt. What an amazing workout! It was great to work so many different areas while seated. It was gentle on my joints but really worked my muscles. I was dripping sweat lol. I will feel this tomorrow for sure. Definitely a new favorite! I can’t wait to do it again. Felt GREAT!   Denise Hill  1-14-19

Helene Davenport

Just finished my sit & sculpt workout with long cords. It was a great workout and easy to do. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and keep up the great work on 3X3FIT!    Helene Davenport 12/24/19

I’m on Day 7 of Let’s Roll. I LOVE how I feel after doing it! I couldn’t do all the reps the first day, and now I can. So proud of myself. I just wanted to remind others that you can tweak the workouts. I don’t have a chair that I can use, so I just do that section on the floor instead. After today, I’ll start mixing it up! Christi Nielsen 12/26/19

I especially like it because when one lives so far from a gym it’s not convenient to go, and in a tiny space, there’s still room to do your workout with 3X3. Also, if one takes a trip, you can easily take it with you in the 3X3 bag.  Edwina Edwards  12/18/19

I am very happy to have ordered your product. I like the rest of the DVDs and equipment I have from you, too. It works well in my small space and I’m too far from a gym now to go regularly as I used to do. I was looking for something that would work here. I used to have an “over the door” pulley system I liked but I don’t have any usable doors here. I also have a Total Gym, which is great, but takes up a lot of space and when rents went so high, I had to find a tiny space, alas. But, your program is perfect. And so easy to take with me for travel, too. I am very pleased with it. Edwina 12/16/19


Lori Badstein, NC
I just wanted to let you know how much I love this whole program. I have been working out for many years – mostly cardio- and I felt like I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I saw your add on Facebook and decided to purchase the whole package with lifetime membership.  I absolutely love everything about this program. It has been very difficult at times but I have seen  significant results! I have lost 8 lbs, going from a medium to a small in my clothing! I have begun to see muscle definition.  I may not be able to do all the moves but I continue to progress with each workout.  The best part is my husband wants to do this work out as well. I am 58 years old and am in better shape than I have ever been!
Thank you Kim Marie! I will continue to this program for years to come. By the way, I did Sit and Sculpt for the first time and absolutely loved it! I was able to do all the circuits and it was an amazing workout! Just watched Total Body Sculpt and will do this workout tomorrow!

(Before & After photo)


Cindy Crabtree, age 73

I saw Dick Van Dyke on TV recently.  At 93 years old and they asked him his ‘secrets’ for good health and he said ‘Keep moving’ !  guess that’s my philosophy ….to be as active as  possible  as much as possible.  The 3 x 3 Fitness program accomplishes this because you can do as much or ( as little) as you want… high intensity or modified moves… plus a DVDs for just chair exercises for seniors! Sweet!


“I just finished Sit & Sculpt….I love it!!  I think this is my favorite.  I feel like it was a challenge, but I could do it”” Sheri Anderson, MN 12/07/19

Love it!  I’ll be doing it in the morning for my morning stretch. It a lot more intense than the title suggests!  Thanks for keeping the program exciting and new!  Joelle 12/7

Love this workout! I just finished Sit & Sculpt and I am sweating!!   Debbie Stevens 12/8/19

3X3FIT you are helping me! Knee surgery, asthma, and diabetes 2, and 66 yrs! But I feel myself getting stronger!  Josette Echazarreta 12/1/19


Dianne Breyer, MN  12-6-19


I’m thankful to you, Kim! At 61, I am more fit and toned than ever (even though I’ve been active all my life). I Never thought I would have definition in my upper arms. I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving🥰  (can use for TV…she couldn’t figure out FB)  Karen Pickett, Ohio  11/27/19

This is the best workout I have ever done! Thank you Kim. Kim Ramsey 11/17/19

Working with this workout loving it only day Number 3. Except to see I feel in 2 weeks❤️❤️❤️ Peggy Dorset 11/16/19

Update  11/28/19   Love all these videos!!! After doing the best U can of either one of 3x3fit. Videos U will feel so much better… U will feel so excited with whatever your Routine is for the day👍🏿👍🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👋👋👋  Peggy Dorset

If you’re looking for new and effective ways to tone and shape your body, check out my friend  Kim Marie Ross products and programs! You won’t be disappointed! Congrats Kim!  Kim 10-25-19

I will always be a believer in 3X3FIT! It is the only workout that has kept me in shape and also kept my back in alignment! Great workout and a wonderful way to stay in shape. Please join us at Youngquest for Kim Marie’s latest workouts!   Beth Bowerman 10-25-19

I want it all! I want to form a group once I learn what I’m
doing!   I was so happy to find this in my newsfeed.    Fantastic! Love it!

Susan Brown  10-3- 19

Once I hit 50, I was told I needed to add resistance for strength to my routine .. I thought resisting working out was my resistance 😂😂😂, but it wasn’t. ⁣
⁣A friend of mine invented these 3×3 Fit rings, along with workout programs & classes. I LOVE the rings & the on-demand workout programs!! ❤️💪⁣ Thanks to 3X3 FIT!!!😃⁣ (You can even throw them in your suitcase when you travel!)                Shelley Meyer Saby  9/30/19

At 72 years young… I have found that 3 x 3 Fitness is the best program for me!   There is a DVD for beginners or ‘Chair exercises’… so that you can work out in your own living room.    As a ‘senior caregiver’ I have used these ‘chair exercises’ for seniors in nursing homes.  Is simple truth is the more you exercise the longer you live… and live healthy and well!  Cindy Crabtree 10/14/19

I did the Flat Belly Abs and Sculpted Arms this morning. My arms are like “spaghetti” now. Loved it!!!  Pam Stinson 9/16/19

I am certainly NOT an experienced workout gal, but I LOVE the 3×3 workouts! I try to do them 3 times a week. I have bad knees (need replacement on both) and I find that I can modify all the workouts Kim does and still feel like a get a good workout! THANKS!!!! Kim for what you do! Cathy Sebastian 8-15-19

3X3 FIT Thank you! I’ve only done one work and I already love it! The rings are genius, I was able to do things that I would normally struggle with. My husband wants a set now. 😊 Excited for my next workout. Denita Cusack ❤ 8 19 19


3X3FIT SUPER STAR USER: Kim Ramsey Texas, age 56 : “Hi Kim, I can’t thank you enough for this amazing 3×3 fit system. It has been life changing for me. I have worked out my whole life either in a gym or at home on a treadmill, or all different types of workouts on DVDs and nothing compares to your 3×3 fit system. I am turning 56 in a few months and feel amazing. I have a herniation in my lower back and my neck is bone on bone so I have to be careful of how I work out. Your system has given me more flexibility, strength and balance than I have ever had in my life. It helps the pain in my neck and back which I have never been able to do. I am your biggest cheerleader!” – Kim Ramsey July 10, 2019

3X3FIT SUPER! SUPER! STAR Jackie Forbes, CA says “I am 53 years old and was born with Spina Bifida. I have always walked with crutches and leg braces. I lost my ability to walk last December 2018 because my knees are bad now and I am not a candidate for surgery. Instead of letting my legs atrophy I am doing as much of the floor routine with 3×3 Fit with my legs abs and arms. I also use my 3×3 Fit sitting in a chair. I can feel the muscles getting stronger after only a week. My routine is chair exercises with 3×3. Next day floor routine using lower body. Third day rest. This is the only total body program I have been able to use.”  – June 20, 2019


3X3FIT Super Star User!  Kathy Barr-Pape June 14 2019:  It’s all about results otherwise why do it! I’m 65 and I LOVE 3×3. I do it 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes. One day I concentrate on abs and legs and the next day arms and upper body. I am thrilled with the results and that reinforces my wanting to do more. The other aspect of 3X3 is that it is really easy on the joints…my muscles may scream, AMEN, but I feel so much stronger. Do it…you’ll love yourself for it! Thanks Kim for your great work and making workout so much fun!


3X3FIT SUPER STAR USER! Cathy Matarazzo (Pennsylvania) says “I absolutely LOVE this workout. As a 65 year “young” wife, mother and grandmother with 2 hip replacements I can tell you this workout “WORKS”. Exercise has been a part of my daily routine for over 40 years, and I have never seen results with any other program like I have with 3×3. I would recommend it to anyone looking to build long lean muscles! I purchased the lifetime membership and I have two sets of rings I keep them handy for my workouts and take them on vacation.”


I am so excited to say we have just ordered the NEW power cords and can’t wait to receive them 😁…I say we because my hubby & I do this together, we retired 2 years ago and your programs have been such a blessing! 😊 We LOVE them Kim and are very grateful that you have programs for all ages. I must say your customer service goes above and beyond 😉 your treated like a person not like a # May God continue to bless your company & your customers whose lives are changing all because of your passion to help and give hope & health to those who may no longer have hope and feel they have lost their health 😘 It’s never to late to make small changes in our fitness & food choices!   Debra Cousens Libby  5/16

I loved the roller. My only issue was rolling straight. But I think that was the users issue! LOL SO GLAD I HAVE IT!!!  Marge King Lyse 5-6-19

Just did my first workout. Loved it! Thank you for putting together a comprehensive workout. Looking forward to my next workout.  Ann Clise  5-4-19

For anyone contemplating this system: It’s great, and it works. But I’ll be honest. It’s tough at first to move the correct way. You might want to start way slower than the video just to make sure you have proper alignment, especially with moves where you’re lifting your legs behind you. The rings are clunky at first (you’ll get used to them), and it’s easy to irritate your back. I didn’t throw my back out, but I did something to it and had to let it recover several times. I am WAY out of shape, so keep that in mind. I probably should have focused on my core first. Just go slow until you get your coordination down. You will feel this in a major way. It’s a great workout. I especially love the “reverse” push-up because I can’t do regular pushups due to a past shoulder injury. I find her reverse push-up more effective anyway. I don’t have the roller, but I’m going to order it! Sorry for the long comment, but it might help someone. Cheers!  Christi Nielson  4/22/19

I got the deluxe package. I love it. It is challenging that’s for sure. Looking forward to great results.  Sharon Shermon Power  April  15

4/19/19 Just received the roller ! Loved the workout ! Challenging and fun 😁👍  Michelle Wilson 


Melissa Rohrbeck Good   4/18/19 45 from MN wrote this morning regarding the New 3X3FIT Power Sculpt Arms – Super Sets “Oh Kim, you have out done yourself!!! I did this workout last night, and let me tell you…..i could not do another rep if I wanted to! This is my all time favorite!! Thank you, and God bless!! ”  Melissa Rohrbeck Good

4/21/19  I’m a lazy exerciser. So, if i can exercise while sitting or laying down and get results fast, I’m all in. I love the roller workout. Fast results. 20 minutes. Easy.   Karen

4/19/19  The absolute BEST workout ever! Love you Kim Marie❤️  Karen

4/18/19  I did this last night. I can tell my arms shoulders and buttocks were worked and I’m not sore. This workout really surprised me with how well all the arm shoulder and upper back muscles were worked. I could change the tension easily when my bad shoulders started to feel stressed. No issues with my shoulders today from the workout . Yay! I have several of the workouts and this one is my favorite.  Lori Golden Wacker

4/18/19  Looking forward to more roller content. The “Let’s Roll” work out is deceptively easy, yet really works you. Great work out beginners that might not have much core strength before they move on to some of the other workouts that have floor exercises requiring more balance (using a yoga Boat Pose, for example).  Denise Karns

4/18/19  Wow!!  I did this workout (Power Sculpt Arms – Super Sets)  yesterday and I love it!  I woke up sore today.   I do like your new roller workout, but didn’t feel it was challenging enough.  Thanks and keep the challenging workouts coming.  🙂  Caroline Appelt

4/15/10  I love love love the roller! WOW! Lindy Smith Henshaw

4/7/19 Your awesome kim , hope sometime we meet personally I enjoy your class very much ! Yvonne Tuma

4/7/19  I bought a few months ago, and finally got it out of the box. Did one of the DVDs, oh my they make it look easy! One phrase, over and over that was said, was be consistent in doing the work out. The second day, I was so determined and afterwards I felt so much better. Vivian Barker

4/8/19 I love 3×3 it’s an amazing workout Catherine Matarazzo-Nicholas

4/7/19  Oh Kim, you have out done yourself!!! I did this workout last night (Power Sculpt Arms – Super Sets) , and let me tell you…..i could not do another rep if I wanted to! This is my all time favorite!! Thank you, and God bless!! Melissa Rohrbeck Good

Additional comment:  I absolutely love all of the workouts and look forward to them!!

4/10/19 Tried it tonight and LOVED it. Can’t wait to do it again. Lisa Carollo

4/3/19 I could never do a full sit up until I did Summer Arms and Abs — the very first time! It was so easy yet the next day I felt it. I have been hooked ever since. Tammy Adcock

3/15/19  Just did my first beginner workout , it’s a great workout, they definitely make it look easier on the video 🙂 this one is a keeper!  Mia Semmler

Update:  I’m doing great! I love the workouts….think I’ve firmed up quite a bit!

3/27/19 This is my favorite workout I do this one every Sunday morning! Kicks my butt!!  Laura Vasas

Update:  Kim I just did the total body roller and I loved it!! It hit my abs and well my whole body!! I did the full workout and then repeated the first ab workout again it really hit them hard!! Thanks great addition to the program!!  4/7/19

Update:  I would like to thank you and the honor is all mine to finally find a workout that I love again.Being a woman at 53 when loosing weight and ability to do a workout that doesn’t have me jumping all over the place and be mad when I’m exhausted and can’t do it! 3X3 is an amazing workout for me challenges me but doesn’t beat me up! So I want to thank you for you hard work and dedication to this product!! Keep the good work up!! Thank you Kim!! God bless you!! 4/7/19

3/29/19 This is the best workout program I have ever done.  Denise Hill

4/18/19 Update  I just did this workout for the first time. WOW!!! Love it. Love the quick pace. ( I woke up with a cold today and almost skipped my workout. Very thankful I didn’t!). I use the heavy cord for the other power cord workout so was skeptical starting with the lower tension for this one. 😂😂😂. My arms feel like jello😂😂😂. Once again great job Kim!


Lucy McCormick   2/7/19 This was my first day and I did the flat belly abs and sculpted arms workout. Love it! Some of those ab exercises I would have never been able to do but using the rings makes a big difference! Will definitely be feeling this in the morning! Can’t wait to for the next workout. 💪💪💪💪 Lucy McCormick

3/14/19 I am 46 and a tennis player. I needed something low impact on my days off and to lengthen my bulky muscles I get from the game. This has been life transforming for me. I can do it from anywhere and it has changed my body. My clothes fit better, I can finally wear leggings legitimately, and sleeveless dresses are much more attractive. Not only that, I feel stronger and more limber. It was quite difficult to get all of the positions and rhythm down at first, but stick with it as something clicks later on. I love Summer Arms and Abs, Total Body Sculpt, Flat Abs and Sculpted Arms, and the new Upper Body Sculpt. Jennifer Harrison

2/19/19  I love the 3×3 workout program. I worked in a gym for 10 years so I’m used to working out. This work out is intense but at the same time easy enough for anyone to do because there are modifications. I recommend this program to everyone. Cyrstal Preslar

2/6/19   I just did this workout for the first time and I loved it! I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain and and all the stretching actually made the pain go away!  I can’t thank YOU enough! I have cervical spondylosis and have tried everything from physical therapy to injections with little to no improvement in my symptoms. Honestly, I told my husband after the workout that the pain and tightness that is constant in my shoulders and upper back was completely gone! I am so excited to continue this program and I would be humbled to include a review on the 3X3 FIT Facebook page! Blessings. Kathi Taylor 💛

2/3/19 Love this program!  I have arthritis in my neck and knees and this is so gentle on the joints.  I have been doing even with a broken toe!  Just ordered another set of cords and two more DVDS. I’m hooked! Megan Malboeuf Therrien

2/2/19 Love this workout! This is how I start my day. Rhonda Gibson

2/2/19  Omg just did my first workout..LOVE IT!!!!❤️ I HATE working out and the gym, I’d rather play sports… But this kept me entertained and challenged the entire time! ❤️   Romy Allison

2/1/19 I love all the 3×3 work outs . Recovering from a head trauma I was able to start with the chair exercise… Love this .. it has been a God send program for my life . I’m counting down the days till I can do more .  Rhonda Adams

1/25/19  I love 3X3 Fit!! It is great for all levels! I purchased the DVD’s but I just recently purchased the lifetime on demand and I love being able to grow with the program. I also just purchased the xlong cords I haven’t done that class yet maybe today!! I would highly recommend this it’s yoga and Pilates with assistants. Laura Vasas


1-17-19  Kim,  I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I am absolutely LOVING the 3X3FIT.  I know it will make a difference in my body. I have worked out at Lifetime since it opened many many years ago.  I am thrilled to have your program as an alternative to going to the club.  I have been doing your on demand classes and then I pull out the rings at night for a few more exercises when my husband & I are watching tv at night.  It makes me not feel guilty for just sitting and watching a little tv.   Only problem is that The Voice is no longer on….so not much to watch these days!    Thank you!!!    Laurie Gaikowski    Edina Realty

1/15/19   If you have ever thought about trying these…I recommend. I had 12 weeks of physical therapy for my shoulder and really seen little help except for the day I went. After insurance denied further visits I had to find something. Because most exercises require your elbows at your side, I was able to do these. Now I have less nerve pain and can finally raise my arm up above my neck. I also have some neck nerve damage, but this has been what has helped me get back to some sort of normal.   Once you try it, you will definitely feel how your whole body is being used. Highly recommend.   I live in a resort retirement community and they offer classes of other types but not this. Have considered attempting to teach but….what a commitment  Cheri Reddington

1/14/19 I just finished my fist workout!! I loved it!! I have really tight hip flexors (especially my right leg), and have dealt with this since I was 8 months pregnant, and my girl will be 6 next month. I really look forward to being able to get these stretched out, and to live life again without pain and tightness. Thank you so much!!   Melissa Good

UPDATE MELISSA GOOD:   Thank you so much for sending this email, and caring! I am LOVING the workouts, and have already done 7 of them.  I’m using my DVDs and the on demand.

1/12/19  Thanks, the exercise is tough and a challenging, but I love it.  Traci Foster

1/17/19  My fiancé had major shoulder surgery last year and his insurance also cut him off from physical therapy. I had an extra set of rings and cords that I gave him to use and he has been able to work with them to help in regaining his mobilty. I literally gave the set to him last week and today he was able to lift his arm above his head unassisted for the first time since his accident in June 2017!  Sandy Patr/


12 30 18   So, I ordered the lifetime OnDemand in November and then I returned it (I didn’t even try it!) and then the day I returned it I regretted it!!! It’s like my body was saying YES!! and my mind was resisting!!
So, I signed back up (Denise & Kim have been amazing)!!!!    I’m loving it and at first I didn’t think it was much of a workout but boy was I wrong!   I’ve sure been getting a great workout w/the new Flat Belly Abs and Sculpted Arms that Kim just put together!! I was sooooo sore after that one my whole body felt like jello!  I’m now going to train as a teacher because I really feel this is one of the best workouts especially for women because it brings in ur whole body including stretching in ways u could never do without the equipment that Kim created!!!   Also, Kim hooked me up with Eniva for my nutrition and it’s also the best I’ve ever tried and that’s saying ALOT!!   Thank u Kim for staying ahead of the game and keeping it exciting and challenging!!!   Everyone…if u have been sitting on the fence like I was…DON’T HESITATE!!!! SIGNUP NOW!!!! U won’t regret it cause Kim and team are enthusiastically holding ur hand every step of the way!!! Patricia Jones

12/18 –  As a 3X3Fit Instructor, I can see the difference this program has made not only in my body, but in my clients too. They report feeling stronger, having more stamina, better range of motion and being happier with their appearance.
As a CGFI (Certified Group Fitness Instructor) and a RYT200 (200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher), I teach a variety of classes. I can honestly say 3X3Fit has made the biggest change in my muscle tone. It is a safe, non-intimidating way to do weight bearing exercise. Simple but effective movements make 3X3Fit the best way to get fit fast! Everyone can do this- as a teacher I say start where you are ❤️

😊 Karen Symington Muendell

12/18 Still doing my 3×3 fit! What has it been a month now? Down a size, lost 4 lbs and amazing progress in tone! I’m going to start measuring in inches as the reshaping is where I see so much progress! Also gaining almost normal range of motion in my shoulder that was frozen, and building my tricep and bicep muscles again. I don’t want to jinx it but I may be seeing ab muscles :0 lol. So thankful I found this workout! Looking forward to what I’m thinking as my Christmas present the newest workout you’re releasing soon! I don’t know if I’m doing it right but I am alternating every other day with 3X3 and yoga. On a side note I grew up in Cloquet so I love that it comes from my home state ❤️Thanks again and Happy Holidays❤️ Karen Ensign

12/23/18 Oh. My. Goodness. I looooove Flat Belly Abs & Sculpt!!! It’s absolutely awesome my friend!!! My whole entire body was worked and it felt so incredibly amazing!!! Thank you for your hard work, dedication and awesome giving/sharing spirit! I very much enjoyed this one and so did my body . I absolutely, hands down, LOVE the modified push-ups. I try soooooo incredibly hard to do push-ups but I just cannot,for the life of me, do them. It’s so frustrating. But your modified push ups are seriously incredible and I can feel my muscles engage, which means they are going to be getting stronger with each rep. And the booty work at the end…YES!!! I truly love it all though!!! . Merry Christmas Eve Eve my friend. Gina Beecher

12/20/18 SUPER STAR 3X3FIT USER! Gina Beecher “Loving 3X3 Fit for so many reasons… I am a Mom to 5 kiddos and live a very happy life with my Hunny. We both work for our local Police Department…He’s a SGT and I am the Records Clerk/Dispatcher. We stay pretty busy, him far more than I. For me, it’s very important to stay fit. Not only for myself, but for my guy too. With 3X3 Fit I can always find time to do a workout or two because there is such a great variety length wise…which means no excuses. Now, I’ve gotten older, I have really fallen in love with Yoga. To me, 3X3 Fit is much like Yoga…It simply boosts it up a few notches with the G3 Rings and Tension Cords. Not only do you get an amazing workout but you also get the added benefit of all the amazing stretching as well. It’s basically the best of all worlds. I look forward to coming home from work and pushing play on whichever workout I want to do on the On Demand format, seriously convenient. And I love the instant access to the brand new workouts that Kim puts out regularly as well. You can make these workouts as intense as you physically can and you can modify as much as you need. It truly is incredibly user friendly and is meant for absolutely everyone. I am 100% happy that I stumbled across 3X3 Fit on Facebook and took the chance on it because it was totally worth it!!!”
Gina Beecher 12/2018


Milana Frye11/12/18 – “I am a 42 yr old mother of two and very busy contract nurse. I have always been a “big” girl. I have two tumors that are non cancerous in my brain that due to location can’t be operated on, and weight gain is easy for me because of this.

For years I just gave up. Then a doctor found away to counter the side effects and I started losing weight. I went from almost 300 lbs to the 210 I am now. But nothing, and I mean nothing was firm. I saw 3×3 and thought I would try it. I am so glad I did.

First day was summer arms and abs. It did not feel like I had done much until about five mins after I was done, then I had the jello arm feeling. The next day I did amp it up! Whew, that’s an intense 10 min. I was sweating at the end. Next day I knew I had something. (So did those muscles I never knew I had) I have used 3×3 for a month now and what I have noticed is it so easy on my joints which are not the best after all these years of being overweight.

The time flies by when you are doing the program . It never feels as long as they say the workout is. Last my favorite workout is actually the 40 min total body workout! It is amazing. I feel actual muscles building in my arms and the back of my thighs are tighter. Even my hubby has noticed.

It will take a while to see an progress as I have excess skin in that area but I am looking forward to it. If you are on the fence about this program due to weight or joint pain don’t be. These bands help keep you in position and assist you with the moves.

There is plenty of stretching in between sections so you don’t feel overworked. It is portable so you can take it with you. I have never had results this fast! I love 3×3! If I can do this anyone can.”

Lorinda Heide11/11/18 – I absolutely love 3×3 Fit. The workouts are fun and Kim Marie is an amazing instructor! The moves are very straightforward and easy to follow and challenging, all at the same time, thanks to Kim’s measured pace and precise instructions. The rings help keep you engaged, focused and conscious of your form. I am looking forward to making my way through the variety of workouts that are offered on demand. I chose the lifetime access plan because you just can’t beat the affordability and accessibility that they offer. I have never been one to enjoy much of anything fitness related apart from walking. I have always felt self-conscious at the gym and completely uncoordinated. So the fact that I am giving this five stars and a rave review just shows how truly amazing this program is! If you are in any way on the fence about it, I highly recommend! Customer support is also five stars! Thank you Kim Marie!

Kathy Ensign “I’m totally digging the workouts! I am trying to rebuild myself after a few hard years here. After being almost incapacitated for a year with adrenal fatigue after my mom died. I could barely walk a few blocks. Then I had a frozen shoulder for two years, ski accident where I tore my ACL, LCL, MCL and meniscus, diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis, chronic neck pain from many auto accidents. I have worked my way back to health with yoga, eating healthy and now 3×3 fit! It’s time to take it to next level.

These exercises have lessened my chronic pain and making me feel stronger again. I also have severe hypoglycemia so super strenuous workouts are not something I can do anymore. But these aren’t easy! I also have a very busy life as a clinical director of a residential treatment center but the length of these workouts I can still fit in my busy life!

I think things happen for a reason when they are supposed to and I am thankful I found 3×3 when I did. Hoping I get swimsuit ready for my next Hawaii vacation in 3 months”
– 3X3FIT SUPERSTAR USER OF THE WEEK: Kathy Ensign – Eagle River Alaska

Shannon Jones Fatigante Fort Mill, SC 11/10/18 – “I love this program! I recently found out that I have issues with my neck from an MRI. I haven’t been able to work out in about three months now and I have fallen into a mild depression.

I have been very active the last two years -kickboxing has been my favorite work out so far. I’m on a weight-loss journey , and I’m down approximately 65 pounds in the last two years, but I’m certainly not done! when I found out that I could not work out due to my neck issues I was completely upset that I was going to be derailed or stalled in my journey.

It’s very important to me to exercise to Maintain a healthy weight. I am certainly not at my ideal weight, but I know with this program I can get there. I can do these exercises and it does not cause me any pain or discomfort. I feel challenged and I also feel like I’m going to get some of the muscle tone back that I have lost from being inactive recently. I am certainly not in the best shape of my life, but I hope that after surgery I can start this back up and reach my goals.

Thank you so much for this program! I must say though that I completely had no balance at all the first time I did this and laughed through the whole thing. It’s a lot of fun and I would encourage anyone even slightly thinking about starting an exercise program to do this. Truly no matter what your size, fitness level, or even attitude about exercising, this is a great place to start.”

– 3X3FIT SUPERSTAR USER OF THE WEEK: Shannon Jones Fatigante Fort Mill, SC

Denise Hill10/30/18 – ‘I first saw 3X3FIT on instagram in the fall of 2017. I am hypothyroid so always trying to find ways to stay fit. I saw the rings and was drawn to the movements and flow of the exercises.

I’ve tried many programs over the years. Some are just too hard on my joints. And I just don’t like lots of jumping up and down! I asked for these for my birthday in February. I have been using them ever since. I can honestly say I enjoy working out with this program. My core back and upper body have never been stronger.

There are so many workouts to chose from that I can always find one to fit how I am feeling that day. I often just pick up the rings and just do a few of my favorite exercises too. I believe 3X3FIT is an answer to prayer for me! I am no longer searching for an exercise program that I enjoy and can stick with. I have found it!!!!’


Kimberly Fouquet 9/4/18 – “Hi My name is Kimberly, I am 51 years young from Brookfield, MO and currently the biggest I have ever been at 265 lbs.
About a year ago, I was on a 40 mile bike ride and I went over the handle bars at mile 31. From that point my working out came to a screeching halt.

To add to not working out, I had added stressors. We found out my husband had cancer and had to have surgery in January 2018.

After surgery we moved to another state by February 2018. Here we have been getting doctors set up and unpacking, making our new house a home.

I personally have been wrestling with the fact that my type of exercise needed to change. I love doing sprint triathlons (mostly working up to them, the swimming and cycling). I had friends suggest yoga or Pilates so when I saw 3×3 fit I knew this was for me! I ordered my rings in June ecstatic to get started!

Unfortunately, I started having health issues. My doctor recommended 30 min of walking a day. I told her about 3×3 fit and she said this would be the perfect work out for me.

I have to admit when I saw the videos, I thought I am going to blast through all these videos in no time. The first one I tried was summer arms, I couldn’t do the whole video. I was frustrated with myself but impressed with the workouts! I learned how to do some basic rings and practiced in the evening while we were watching TV.

While working on our home I pulled my hamstring and was in quite a bit of pain. I pampered it for a couple of weeks and then started 3×3 fit once again. This time, I tried total body reconstruction. With my size and my hamstring, I couldn’t do everything but I made it through the entire workout doing everything I could. The next day, I noticed my leg didn’t hurt quite as much. Needless to say, I am getting back to a routine and eager to see how my health improves.

My goal is to take my weight down to a healthy weight, so I can enjoy life. Someday, in the near future, I would love to teach 3×3 fit classes and help inspire other women to make themselves a priority. Even though it may take baby steps, the outcome is definitely worth it!”

Sandra Petri9/1/18 – A definite 5 stars! I was in a workout slump for the past year and a half. I made a big move to another state and purchased a cabin rental business with my fiance. Between getting my house ready to sell, making the big move, purchasing the business and making improvements, and taking care of my tax practice, my workouts fell by the wayside! I think part of it was that I needed a change from the workouts I had been doing for the past 10 years as my body was also changing.During that year and a half, I got super skinny as my muscle mass disappeared. I ended up with pinched nerves in both my shoulders and I felt weak. My hypothyroidism was also getting the best of me. I’d look back at previous photos of myself when I was in better shape and I felt like my health was declining. I feel like God was watching over me when I saw the ad for 3×3 FIT on Facebook. I have always been an advocate of exercise using resistance and this looked like a lot of fun! Let me tell you, IT IS! I actually look forward to these workouts and I could see results almost immediately! My arms and legs are beautifully toned and at almost 50, I’m well on my way to being in the best shape ever! I can even feel the muscles in my back and I’ve never had that! I used to admire my daughter’s beautifully toned arms back in her softball days and now I have them! I ran into a neighbor at the grocery store recently and when he saw my arms, he commented on them thinking that I was a softball player. It was the ultimate compliment! And the thing is, these workouts are easy, but the results are great! I feel so much better now and my pinched nerves are no longer an issue thanks to 3×3! As we age, our workouts need to change and this was the perfect fit for me. Working out with 3×3 is low to no impact and it’s easy on the joints. I was an aerobics instructor back in the 80’s, but I can’t do all that jumping around anymore. Now I am looking forward to helping other ladies by using 3×3! I can see myself offering classes at church starting with 3×3 Praise and then working into the other workouts with worship music in the background. Today I started developing a new 3×3 workout that targets an area that many of us ladies have trouble with. I will be happy to share it soon so that maybe it can be added to the 3×3 collection. I will be in touch!

Lori SmithMy story is like so many but yet it is my own. I haven’t felt good about myself in years, I really couldn’t tell you the last time I felt good about myself. After a failed marriage and a couple of really hard years I had a friend tell me that 2018 was going to be my year. I decided that for 2018 to be my year, I would have to do something to change. Change my appearance and change the way I felt about myself. I decided at 55 that I was going to do something! I started eating better. I do water aerobics and I got a vertical climber. I was told if I really was serious about weight loss not to be taken in by a fad diet that promised a lot in a little time, but to take it slow and learn a new way of life. I started losing weight slowly which was my goal because I wanted my body to change, not just lose weight. After a point the same individual suggested that now I was ready for some sort of strength training and that is when I found 3 x 3 fit. It took me awhile to order it and to try the system, I did a little research first but decided it was the one for me. It actually came up in my feed after I did a search on weight loss after 50. I purchased the 3 x 3 fit ring system and purchased the on demand package because I decided I wanted to make a commitment and be able to take it with me anywhere I went. When I first tried it, I laughed at myself. I wasn’t very graceful in the “pose” position and I couldn’t make it all the way through but I came back night after night and something great happened! I got better and stronger and could make it through the whole work-out. I started with Summer Arms and Abs. Another great thing started happening, I started getting stronger and more defined in my legs, arms and abs and losing inches! Clothes that I had just purchased 4 weeks prior were too big because even though I wasn’t losing a lot of weight at this point, I was losing inches! I feel better now than what I felt back in my 30’s, and I’m not done yet with my journey! I suggest to people make goals for yourself not deadlines and don’t give up. Don’t be discouraged that you can’t make it all the way through, but be encouraged that you started. Be committed to making a better you and to not only lose the weight but be a healthier you! I don’t take pictures of myself, I’m usually the one taking the pictures because I always hated the image I saw. I still don’t care for pictures, but I’m working on liking the image and recognizing that I have accomplished a positive change. I’m thankful that I found that ad about 3 x 3 fit in my feed and I’m thankful for Kim Marie Ross for being a positive and encouraging force. My journey isn’t finished yet with my weight loss and fitness, but I’ve gotten off to a great start!’

11/15/18 – I too was a beach body girl for years. Then I had some injuries from ski accident and a bout with frozen shoulder. I needed to find something gentler and rehabilitative. I did some yoga and Pilates for last year and was ready to turn it up a notch. I just received this last week and have done five workouts. Previously I have been a hard core exerciser for decades- so I know a challenge. I think it’s great for a whole body workout and is really great for my spine, knee and neck injuries. It also fits really well into my busy life. That being said I’ve only had it a week but love it so far!
– Lisa Wolter

11/03/18 – I have done this work out two times–look no further if you want to stand during your workouts! I am looking forward to building my core and developing better balance with this challenging, but well-paced workout. Thanks so much, Kim! Precision Body Sculpt
– Lorinda Heide

11/01/18 – I have knee, back, neck issues I was afraid it might aggravate- but feeling better! I will keep you updated on my progress:)
– Kathy Ensign

11/18 – I actually love this! My favorite video is actually the 40 min all over video. It does not feel like 40 mins and I know that I have done something. I am noticing a toning in my arms and tightening in the back of my thighs. I’m super happy 😃. If you are bigger and I am over 200 lbs this is awesome and anyone CAN do this!

10/18 – So I am a big girl! I got this. I have used it for two days in a row. (only had it that long) honest review here for my bigger girls thinking about it. Summer arms and abs is what I did day one. I was not dying during it it was nice, but after I knew I had worked out. (jello arms) Day two I did amped up! It’s only ten minutes and I worked muscles I did not know I had. It is not hard to do but effective. Try it. I will update after a month
– Milana Frye

10/29/18 – Two workouts in and I LOVE it❤️❤️😍
– Kathy Ensign

10/22/18 – Love my 3×3 fit. I love how it has made me more flexible and enjoy working on it at least 5 days a week.
– Jackie Martie

10/19/18 – Get better I love 3×3 I do weight 3 time at week and I do 3×3 3 day and also I use 3×3 to stretch when I do weight training . I have in my car I use at work in my 15 minutes break , I use at the park when my kids play . Love , love it!
– Yvonne Tuma

10/14/18 – Love this program. Haven’t been working out for a while. Tired of beating myself up with intense cardio. It’s amazing how your body feels after these workouts. Recommending this to all my friends.
– Susan Pickens Heberger

9/22/18 – I am 3 weeks in and love this program. I used to be a gym rat so I know what a good workout feels like! Didn’t make it through the first round (started with summer arms and abs) but kept going and now I can complete the workout with a healthy soreness and quick recovery. My goal is 3-4 times a week and am holding to that. I love the attention to safety, stretching, clear instruction and appropriate pacing. Looking forward to adding some of the other workouts soon.
– Karen Baird Moffatt

9/12/18 – It’s an amazing workout and fun too. I am new to this type of workout I usually ran or did high impact workouts but I love love this and recommend it.
– Catherine Matarazzo-Nicholas

9/05/18 – I just had hip surgery and they have really helped in my recovery!
– Vicki Schroot

9/02/18 – I’m a 63 year old physician and love 3×3 fit!!
– C.m. Major

8/26/18 – I did the ballerina glutes and thighs today. LOVED it!
– Denney Herr

8/25/18 – Love this program!!! Look forward to the workouts, so much fun and no boredom at all. GREAT variety!
– Joann Germanero Beihl

8/24/18 – I have my 3×3 fit for 3 month and I love it. I take with me everywhere there not complicate exercise but you feel in your muscle. I totally recommend, you will love it!
– Yvonne Tuma

8/23/18 – Absolutely love it It takes tubing and weights to a whole new level.
– Cynthia Hoepker

8/23/18 – Love having the on demand! So many fun choices!
– Sharon Wedic

7/28/18 – I am a 59 year old personal trainer who works in an active retirement community. I am so excited to teach this program to my clients who range from special needs to elite athlete. Thank you Kim Ross for creating and developing a program that is easy to follow thru all of your videos and resources. I especially love the Praise and Worship program that honors our Lord. May God continue to bless you for all your hard work and perseverance in creating such an excellent workout program!
– Pamela Richards … reviewed — 5 star

7/27/18 – My work out buddy purchased this system and we’ve only tried the Summer arms and abs. The first time working out I laughed so much. Last night was the 3rd time on the DVD and both of us felt confident in our moves. I thoroughly enjoy this. I purchased 3 more DVDs today and can’t wait to progress to more work outs. The length of my cords were too long but I just tied a knot in them and they are perfect for me. I’m approaching 55 years young and this doesn’t strain my back or neck at all. Thanks
– Sharon Hartley … reviewed — 5 star

7/26/18 – Just got in mail yesterday and was so very excited to open it. Already exercising 45 minutes daily but was bored with routine. Wanted to kick it up a bit and feel it. This sure did both! Tough workout but fun, felt the burn! I’ll keep you posted on results.
– Michele Wilson … reviewed — 5 star

7/26/18 – Just got in mail yesterday and was so very excited to open it. Already exercising 45 minutes daily but was bored with routine. Wanted to kick it up a bit and feel it. This sure did both! Tough workout but fun, felt the burn! I’ll keep you posted on results.
– Michele Wilson … reviewed — 5 star

7/26/18 – Love these workouts!!! And to think I even thought about taking a Pilates class for $200/month!! I can do this in my own living room! Thank you so much!!!
– Kimberly Proulx … reviewed — 5 star

7/26/18 – I was a fitness instructor for 30 years. Because of the shear abuse I put my body through, I have numerous muscular skeletal issues. I never liked Yoga or Pilates (I taught just about everything else) however being over 50 now I thought it was time to give it another try. I usually laugh at the fitness gadgets I see however yours intrigued me. I purchased and have done 2 workouts thus far. I wanted to tell you that not only did I enjoy it, I received a great workout and it didn’t hurt my joints, something I haven’t been able to find since I retired 5 years ago. I am so impressed I would like to see how I could become certified to be an instructor. I would need to get in a little better shape first, but I like to think ahead!
– Rhonda L Collins

7/23/18 – I have been doing these programs for about 2 weeks. Yes, Summer Arms & Abs is the first one to try. I can tell a difference already in my strength — we have several flights of stairs at work. Before starting this program, I would be walking up slowly and with effort. Last week, I had to escort a group of people up the stairs and was amazed that I practically ran (or actually more of a quick step) up the stairs with no exertion!
– Barbara Leach … reviewed — 5 star

7/23/18 – I got these on a recommendation from a friend, today i started with the beginner legs but found i needed short cords so ordered them, my bad!! So moved to the beginner core, and let me tell you it looks easy but you definitely can feel it, my obliques are screaming at me. I haven’t worked out in a few months and i used to be a regular gym rat but I think i’ve found something i can comfortably do at home and for my 67 almost 68 yrs, will probably be better for my old bones!!! I definitely would recommend the program.
– Paula Bolser-Jaynes Randolph … reviewed — 5 star

7/21/18 – I just turned 59 this week and am a personal trainer. I am so excited to teach this to my clients! I am so impressed with Kim Marie Ross what a class act. You have done a beautiful job putting together a program that is easy to follow and I love your spirit that honors our Lord. I am also a Pastors wife and am excited to share the praise workout. God bless you for all your hard work in designing and developing such an amazing program! I can hardly wait until my equipment arrives!
– Pamela Richards

7/19/18 – I love your program. I think I purchased just about everything! I am a huge fan of yours! 💕
– Joann Germanero Beihl

7/18/18 – These socks are great especially with the sturdier material of the heavier ring. I have two pairs of grip socks. Highly recommend them with any 3×3 workouts.
– Lori Golden Wacker

7/18/18 – I have been using the 3×3 fit rings and workout for nearly a year. I absolutely love them. I am 65 and all of the exercises are doable but still challenging. My underarm bulges disappeared, losing weight and fell good. Highly recommend you give it a try!
– Helene Davenport

7/16/18 – love it. Have some routines I really like, and some I struggle with parts of. But I will get better. I don’t dread these sessions and if I don’t have a lot of time I can do some short ones. Always feel it.
– Mary Beth Elert Bissig, 57

7/16/18 – I love mine too I am 57!
– Jodi Heustis-Pouring

7/14/18 – You’ll be surprised at what you really CAN do! I love these workouts!
– Sandy Patri EA

7/14/18 – Absolutely love these workouts!!!
– Theresa Jopson

7/10/18 – I ordered my 3X3 Fit back in May! What I love is the beginner chair exercises and modifications included if your not in the best condition. I wasn’t in the best shape but have slowly worked my way through the workouts. Excellent results and my strength is increasing. Best money I’ve ever spent!
– Joanne Bays

7/8/18 – I love my rings and the workout DVD’s that came with it.
– Sharon Wedic

7/8/18 – I have worked out my whole life. I had forgotten how effective resistance training it. Began 3X3Fit today. Arms are shaking and I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow. Love it!
– Denney Herr

7/5/18 – I have used my system 4 times since I got (because I work 12 hour night shifts). Although I am having to modify some of positions (due to being so out-of-shape), I am thoroughly enjoying my workouts. They pass quickly and I don’t find myself dreading how much longer I have to go! Looking forward to good results.
– Cindy Clements Blake … reviewed — 5 star

6/28/18 – I have very bad neck and lower back issues from a terrible wreck back in 1982. This is SO SAFE! I know how to take care of my body with the old injuries and this is a great fitness choice for me where I can adjust where I need to and still get a great workout! Love, love, love! 🙌 🙏
– Michelle Gibbs

6/27/18 – I have been a walker for years but knew I needed something different. I received the rings and video in the mail about 3 weeks ago. I immediately opened it and tried the Body Sculpt video. After trying that first I was going to give up and return it, but then I read you should start with Summer Arms and Abs. The next day I pulled that out and probably looked crazy, I could only complete a few of the moves. After completing this workout every other day since then I can now complete almost all the exercises. I am in my mid 50’s and this program is making a difference and my neck doesn’t hurt doing the exercise. I would definitely recommend this!
– Cheryl Finkbeiner … reviewed — 5 star

6/27/18 – They (Class) are loving the product. On a scale 1-10, 10 being the whiniest, they were at 15!
– Instructor: Aimee Marshall

6/27/18 – These are great..not harsh on the joints at all!! And I love how you can change the tension with the cords..
– Dianna Schofield LaCourse

6/27/18 – We are having a lot of fun with these rings along with toning and getting stronger .. I have a shoulder injury and for me the rings are really helping to strengthen my shoulder and bicep.. seek medical advise first always.. I love the program!!
– Pat Talbott

6/25/18 – These rings are so versatile, they are really all you need for a total body workout! I am so glad I ordered them, they are the perfect fit for my at home workouts.
– Tracey Preston O’Connor … reviewed — 5 star

6/24/18 – I just ordered and received these rings and LOVE them! I go to my healthclub 5 days a week and this will be my workout at home for the days I can’t make it.
– Tracey Preston O’Connor

6/17/18 – Thank you, thank you, thank you Kim Marie Ross! I tore my shoulder and had surgery about 7 years ago. It’s never been right. I can’t do very many exercises or move my arm in certain directions. You can imagine how flabby my arms are by now. I cannot do pushups, even with the aid of a yoga ball. In fact, I can’t even do many of the movements in the warmup sections because I can’t raise my arm out to the left unless I’m very methodical about it. So I was scared to death to do the modified pushup. I. Was. Shocked. I can do it! I only did 5 to start. But I felt no pain or pressure or anything weird. This morning I can feel some tightness in my upper body overall, but no pain. I’m so excited!
– Christi Neilson

6/17/18 – my arms are killing me! in a good way
– Mary Beth Hallal

6/16/18 – Received my 3X3 FIT on Saturday. I am a 62 year old, grandma, who was very sedentary with back and knee pain. Getting up and down for floor type exercises is almost impossible, enter 3X3 FIT chair exercises, WOW, is all I can say! Just started this morning, but it was the most engaging workout and I can already feel the burn in every part of my body, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, abs, etc. Twenty minutes a day, I can do this, very satisfied, thank you!
– Susan Turley

6/15/18 – These rings are so versatile, they are really all you need for a total body workout! I am so glad I ordered them, they are the perfect fit for my at home workouts.
– Tracey Preston O’Connor … reviewed — 5 star

6/15/18 – Just ordered my lifetime subscription!!! So excited. Can’t wait to do more of this amazing workouts.
– Lisa Carollo

6/14/18 – Last night I worked out with the Summer Arms & Abs. First time first attempt at 3X3Fit. 😉 Next time, meaning tonight, I’ll be using my laptop vs my iPhone for improved viewing until I get the routines down. First time think I fumbled with the hoops, esp around my feet. But practice makes perfect. LOVE THIS !!! Now that I’ve tried your product, even just once, I can definitely foresee these workouts in gyms or workout centers.
– Lynne Rapata Reyes

6/14/18 – Just did my first workout and loving it.
– Debbie Kratz

6/10/18 – I travel the US each week so I purchased the lifetime membership. I am able to pack the rings in my carry on luggage, workout in my room, and rotate the workouts. I can honestly say I am ecstatic with my purchase and already seeing and feeling results after 2 weeks! I am also seeing improvements in my flexibility and strength.
– Joanne Bays … reviewed — 5 star

6/10/18 – I travel the US each week so I purchased the lifetime membership. I am able to pack the rings in my carry on luggage, workout in my room, and rotate the workouts. I can honestly say I am ecstatic with my purchase and already seeing and feeling results after 2 weeks! I am also seeing improvements in my flexibility and strength.
– Joanne Bays … reviewed — 5 star

6/07/18 – It’s changed my life! I am more flexible and getting stronger every day. It’s an exercise I look forward to doing without hesitation. Highly recommend!
– Rebecca Steurer

6/07/18 – Loving my 3×3 !
– Aprille Whiting Haynie

6/06/18 – Definitely! There’s no jumping so no impact on your knees. I have pinched nerves in both my shoulders, so I wasn’t sure if I could do all the moves, but I can and I feel like it has helped me so much! I would say this program is designed for women 45+ so definitely yes! I showed this to my aunt who turned 70 this year and she’s buying it as well! The workouts are not difficult at all, but you can feel your muscles working!
– Sandy Patri EA

2018 – This truly is an amazing system!!! Love it ❤️ ❤️ 👍 👍
– Dianna Schofield LaCourse

6/02/18 – this is a great workout. I really love it
– Cheryl Guenther

6/01/18 – Absolutely love this! Did my first workout yesterday! It’s like Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Strength Training in one! The rings are comfortable and easy to use and allow you to do moves you may not be able to do otherwise. The instructions are easy to follow and easy to view. Started with Arms and Abs and I cannot wait to try the other DVDs. Thank You!
– Theresa Jopson

6/01/18 – Just got mine today! Love it! And their customer service is awesome! They reply very quickly.
– Tanya Kotlarz Carper

5/29/18 – I totally love this program. I cross-train and only have one suggestion…it would be awesome if you could add “modifiers” in the program DVDs for anyone with injuries. Needless to say I have a few and kind of made up my own modifications. Thanks for a terrific program that nails it!
– Jeanne Fenimore Conner

5/21/18 – Received this about a week ago- great workout and already see results.
– Caroline Spounias

5/18/18 – Got them love them!!!
– Doreen Jones Chucta

5/18/18 – I have them for 2 weeks and I love them I am 57 and they are making a difference all ready!!
– Jodi Heustis-Pouring

5/17/18 – Really liking these so far! My fourth day of using them and my arms and butt definitely feel it!
– Darci Klees

5/10/18 – Great customer service! And I am loving 3×3 so far. I have been looking for something to use at home. This is it!
– Teresa Helpe … reviewed — 5 star

5/10/18 – This is exactly what I have been looking for! I needed something to accompany my running and biking. I need more flexibility. I have looked at yoga and pilates and this is perfect. Using the rings can help you get into a deeper stretch that I would not be able to do on my own. I know it’s a great workout because I can feel my body heat up and I feel great afterwards.

I was feeling a little down one morning and tuned into on demand to workout. Up came the new praise workouts! I cried all the way through. To be able to meditate on Gods word while exercising and stretching is an answer to prayer. It gave me such a sense of peace. Thank you for doing these videos. I look forward to more praise workouts.
– Jennifer Lee … reviewed — 5 star

5/9/18 – I received mine two weeks ago! I absolutely love it! I did some inner and outer thigh exercises and I could really feel the burn as well in the core and arms! Great investment!
– Shelly Stringfellow Cash

5/9/18 – I tried this workout last night. WOW!! My arms got a good workout without my carpel tunnel hurting. I can now do push-ups again!!
– Lisa Carollo

5/7/18 – The new praise workouts are AMAZING! I found myself feeling frustrated and anxious this Monday morning. I turned on a praise workout and was able to quiet my mind and focus on the scriptures and beautiful worship music. I felt so calm and energized when I was done. What a beautiful way to start the day. Thank youKim!!!!
– Denise Hill

5/7/18 – I have been using this for the last week and love it. Would recommend it to everyone.
– Holly Marquez

5/7/18 – Just got mine Friday night. Did a workout Saturday morning and was proud of myself that I could do almost every exercise, it wasn’t too hard. When I woke up Sunday, I felt every muscle in my body. Boy oh boy was that a good workout. You don’t realize it when you’re doing it. Can’t wait to do another one tonight!!! Thanks!!
– Lisa Carollo

5/6/18 – Your customer service is exceptional!
– Gale Rodrigues

5/6/18 – I got it this week ! I love the workout!
– Margaret Gibbs Kable

5/18 – Been doing this for about 3 weeks now and I have to say, this is the best exercise for the arms that I have ever tried!!! Getting real results and feels so good!! I was very skeptical before I ordered it, but so glad I did.
– Dianna Shcofield LaCourse

5/18 – I want to tell you how happy I am about finding you. I have been pretty down this morning because I have a job where some of my co-workers are difficult. I did my bible study this morning and asked God for some extra help. I just did your praise one workout. I was in tears the whole time. God sent you to me! Praise the Lord! Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!! Do you teach a class somewhere?
Thank you again,
– Jennifer

5/18 – This is an amazing workout! You start slowly from sitting in a chair and then it goes from there!
– Mary Jo Bailey

5/18 – LOVE your workouts!!!
– Sonya O’Kelley

5/1/18 – LOVE your workouts!!!
– Sonya O’Kelley

4/14/18 – I love your customer service. I am so impressed and I thank you deeply. I have an upcoming trip and want to get toned and be ready. I haven’t been feeling the most confident lately. Your customer service has given me a great boost.
– Wanda Pavlat

4/14/18 – My favorite way to exercise!!
– Rachon Maxine Ward

4/13/2018 – I must say .. I bought it to use in the pool and boy they are killing me in a good way!! Love them so much!
– Robin Rich Eggertsen

4/10/2018 – I recently purchased this workout and I can play it in chrome on my computer and use chromecast to view it on my TV. It’s a LOT more challenging than it looks and I am so glad! I have a lot of core strength to build to even keep up! I can’t wait to try all the workouts!
– Lisa Marie Baremore

4/10/2018 – 3X3 FIT Kim Marie you are a great instructor. I’ve done many a video workout, yours are my favs, so perfect for women my age range. Luv them.
– Kathleen Davis Gollon

4/10/2018 – I am so glad I ordered this! Finally a program I look forward to doing. You absolutely feel it the next day. There are some moves that are “awkward” to do at first but they get easier to do the more you do it. Love this program.
– Jeanette Longshore

4/10/2018 – These are great. I use them to stretch everyday and they have relieved my back pains. Worth every penny, easy to use and boy you can feel those stretches down deep!!! I love 3×3.
– Kelly Rose Stirling

4/10/2018 – Joann Germanero Beihl Honestly, this is one of my FAVORITE workouts, great variety and easy on the joints. Glad I’m a lifetime member. One of the best choices I’ve ever made besides the Total Gym.
– Joann Germanero Beihl

4/05/2018 – Did the arm workout. got triceps really well. did sculpt and stretch today. didn’t expect to get the cardio workout that it gave me!.
– Kathy Allen Ried

4/03/2018 – Just started the beginning program after haven’t been working out in a long time. Love how I can go at my own pace and still feel like I got a good workout.
– Dawn O’Day Foster

4/02/2018 – Love love love this program ! I’m 61 years old with several health issues and I use this program every day.
– Kathy Stomber

3/27/2018 – Love this workout. This one is my fave!
– Joann Germanero Beihl

3/24/2018 – I got mine today in the mail… I did it immediately. I throughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait to start my program and seeing results. I feel it already.
– Kathleen Davis Gollon

3/24/2018 – I just received my order and I was surprised at how fast it shipped. I did the body sculpt program and I know it will really strengthen my core. Thanks so much for making this product! I can’t wait to see the results after I use this for a few months.
– Pam Utton

3/23/2018 – I got mine today in the mail… I did it immediately. I throughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait to start my program and seeing results. I feel it already.
– Kathleen Davis Gollon

3/22/2018 – I bought this program a few days ago. I’ve already done several workouts, and they’re awesome. They shipped my package very quickly, so I was able to get started sooner than I’d planned. I’m 57 and in pretty good shape, but I don’t have a lot of upper body strength and I was still able to do most moves in the workouts. This program is already making me stronger, and it’s fun. I can’t wait till the next workout, which is so nice, instead of dreading a workout. I’m looking forward to seeing what results I’m able to achieve!
– Debbie Duran Merhege

3/14/2018 – I cannot say enough great things about this workout program, and the customer service they offer! I have had my rings for 5 weeks and LOVE them. I have done many workout programs, a lot of beach body. But this is perfect for me. I have toned and strengthened so much in 5 weeks, without torturing my body. My upper arms have been terrible, and tricep exercises don’t seem to touch them, until 3×3!!!! They have improved so much. I just did the new summer abs and arms and it is amazing. I will be doing that several times a week. This is the first exercise program I have done that I find myself looking forward to!!!! It is a huge blessing to have found 3×3 fit!!!!!
-Denise Hill

3/6/18 – Love this workout!!!
– Patricia Melton

3/5/2018 – Just got my order in & I love it! I’m 61 years old with arthritis and other medical problems. This was challenging but very do able.
– Kathy Stomber

2/22/2018 – I’ve been using these since October, but daily since January 1. Love them! And I’m starting my daughter young!! (Actually, she picked them up on her own and followed the video
– Sue Gottberg Rogers

2/20/18 – Been doing since November and I am 15 lbs down. Love these workouts. I am almost 65 and would love to become an instructor.
– Helene Davenport

2/18/18 – So thrilled with my results -trying to rebuild after an accident and major surgery 11 months ago – finally getting more endurance – this is perfect for me
– Susan McPadden

2/17/18 – Omg love these rings so much I became a life time member!
– Elfi Locher

2/16/18 – Loving the workouts!  I’ve only done the Total Body Workout about 4 times and the chair workout a few times.   I am already stronger and my form is improving.
– Barbara Hall

1/25/2018 – I just got mine a few days ago. And I was able to do the chair DVD all the way through on day 1! Now that probably seems like nothing to those of you that are well versed in exercise but for me it was a miracle! I have fibromyalgia and even walking across the floor can be a feat. I need to exercise but could not find anything I could actually do and complete that actually worked out any part of my body. Not anymore! 3×3 Fit seems like a perfect fit for my non-exercise savvy fitness level! I am looking forward to continuing to progress over time to the other routines. Thank you for making a product that works for all fitness levels!
– Deidra Gist

1/21/18 Rotating the workouts every night  love these work outs. I have bad knees and surprisingly l have been able to do all the moves thank you so much.
– Anna Fico

1/20/18 – Loving this program. I am a regular with weights but this is a nice change.
– Peggy Rios

1/20/18 – Wow! I just got your 3×3 system yesterday from a co-worker for my birthday. I turn 51 today and haven’t been able to truly workout for a couple years due to an accident I did your warm up and 360 core this morning. I feel it with no “bad” pain. Thank God for you and your program. I am so happy that I may finally be able to get back on track. Thank and God bless. Deb P.S. I was thrilled to see that you are also a Christian. Added bonus!!
– Deb

1/19/18 – Day 5 and going strong I am feeling the it love this product
– Anna Fico

1/18/18 – Omg!!! What a wonderful workout. Did this for the first time tonight. Wowzer, i was sweaty. Still need to master keeping the rings on my feet in this one. But I love it!
– Nicole Rubi

1/18/18 – Ok..I have these & the videos & this is kicking my butt!
– Kylee Jo La

1/16/18  Received mine on Saturday I started to use it on Sunday. 2 days in and it fun and for sure I feel it already. Thank you so much finally, something I actually enjoy.
– Anna Fico

1/8/18 – This workout is amazing. I have,all kinds of back and shoulder issues. I can do this and feel great. Thank you for coming up with something even a fitness challenged person, like I am, can do.
– Elfi Locher

1/8/18 – Love these workouts. I switch them up every day. Have been doing them for 2 months   -Helene Davenpor

1/7/18 – I’m loving the 3×3 fit program!! It’s fun and challenging at the same time. I actually look forward to exercising and building a more toned body!
– Anne Marie

1/05/18 – I started this a couple years ago and love these rings and workout! I am 51 with Spina Bifida and use walker and crutches to walk and very bad knees. I just received the 3×3 Fit and already love it! I can do the chair and most of the floor exercises. I am not good at spinning the rings for the arm exercises yet. I am so thankful for this program as I need to lose 60 lbs and with proper eating I think I will finally get this body toned with 3×3 Fit.
Thank you Kim
– Jackie

12/29/17 – I have fibromyalgia and just received my workouts Saturday. I’ve also worked out with heavy weights and Tabata style workouts in the past. For the past year, I’ve struggled to find a workout that doesn’t throw me into a flare. I’ve completed 4 workouts with 3×3 Fit and so far, so good. The workout is very deceiving as my body is working harder than it seems. I thought the chair workout was too easy at first and then an hour later, I felt it all over. I also know the difference between fibro pain and DOM and I totally agree with the above review. I did the Total Body workout earlier today and loved it! So glad I found this system.
– Lou (Marialou Milam Broughton

12/27/17 – Your 3×3 workouts have been exactly what I needed to help get me back on track. Thank you for designing it and sharing it to help others!

12/27/17 – Just wanted to let you know I love your system! I purchased the “Arm” starter kit from Amazon and just this weekend purchased an additional set of cords and the “Ballet” DVD.

I have had Fibromyalgia for over 5 years now and I have struggled to find a plan to stick to. I actually look forward to my 3×3 work out every day. I used to be a long distance runner and work out with heavy weights so I can tell the difference between Fibro pain and DOM pain…3X3 gives me DOM pain but not so much that it exacerbates my chronic Fibro pain. This is really important in keeping me coming back to the DVDs. I recently told a Fibro Blog about your product and I highly endorsed it.
– Mimi Hart

12/18/17 – I purchased and did my first work out last even. I love it and I feel it for sure!
* Karen Young

12/18/17 – This gives you the best stretch ever! Love mine!
– Nikki Wald

12/17/17 – I got these about a month ago. They are fantastic! No need for a gym!
– Roberta Raynes Holland

12/14/17 – I LOVE these rings!  I have been on a graduated exercise program for 4 months and it was calling for adding in some gym equipment. I found 3×3 on a Google search and decided to try the rings instead. Boy, am I glad I did. What a GREAT workout! I think 3 x 3 can totally replace any gym equipment you could use! In 2 short weeks I can already notice new results I wasn’t getting with the other program!
– Roberta

11/24/17 – My goodies arrived yesterday and my first workout was today. As I’m just starting, I used only 1 resistance band but I still got a good workout. I love Pilates and feel these workouts will quickly become a favorite in my fitness collection!!
– Reagan Clark Tesar

11/23/17 – It arrived yesterday. I did. Ire work out and first chair workout plus zumba! I love it! My sit ups were easy!
– Helene Davenport

11/21/17 – I started this a couple years ago and love these rings and workout!

11/28/17 – Been doing for a week. Can see belly flattening and core getting stronger
Sharing for those looking to add to or mix up their workouts.
– Stephanie Kehoe

11/18/17 – So great! Love this workout!
– Bonnie Smith Vilos

11/14/17 – With 3×3 Fit, I get a full body workout, with one product, without heavy weights or any jarring to my joints with workouts that incorporate a lot of jumping.   With regular use, I am seeing positive changes to my body, such as, toned arms and sleek legs. Not to mention inches starting to come off other areas of my body.    Another thing I love about 3×3 Fit is that the rings are easy to pack so I can take my gym with me wherever I go.  I have been a fan since my first workout and will be a lifelong fan, and user of 3×3 Fit.
– Dianne Breyer … reviewed — 5 star

Received my Awesome Arms Kit, Friday. Did my first workout today. Total Body Sculpting. It was a great workout. Don’t be fooled by these unassumingBlue Rings..they deliver a fabulous workout. I was surprised at the thoroughness it brings to each exercise. Every muscle is called into play..and the resist/assist factor is tops. Looking forward to the Awesome Arms workout. Thanks, so much, Kim for this wonderful product!  5 STARS
– Elain Graham

11/13/17 – ‘Love 3×3.  I am just beginning these workouts. Am horribly out of shape and 40 lbs overweight but I love the workouts. Already seeing results.’
– Kaye Kopsa 

11/09/17 – ‘I Decided to do the awesome arms, beginner core, beginner buns, and Pilates workout….holy soreness!!! But I love it!!! My new at home workout 3 days a week!!’
– Lisa Bernard

Its muscle without the hustle! Slow, long purposeful moves enhance every well thought out exercise. I. Am. Addicted! And its an AWESOME addiction!
– Nancy Castro McCretton

By far one of the most effective workouts for arms I have ever done!
– Shelly Jean 

10/28/17 – This have become my favorite piece of equipment.   I can’t believe how much I can already feel the difference my whole body is starting to feel.. it engages every muscle. SUCH a good hurt.
– Audrey Garber

10/26/17 – Use mine every day! Love them!
– Sheila Van Houten 

10/26/17 – I just got mine yesterday and played with for a little bit. This is perfect, particularly when doing abs and having back issues. I would love to get certified and teach this!
– Melissa Garland Starowesky

10/23/17 – I love mine! With a bad back I never thought I’d do sit ups again though I needed to do them. Now I can…thank you.
– Kathy Zimmermann

10/23/17 – I just want to say that I am 39 years old and in decent shape just trying to really tone my body and lose my belly fat. I am in love with this type of workout. I can feel my entire body getting stronger, leaner and I love working out! I’ve never looked forward to excercise before and now I do!
– Whitney Miller 

Hey gang. Wanted to pop in and drop the a line. I’ve done a couple workouts and I gotta admit this thing is actually quite awesome. I don’t know what it is about those rings but I love those darned things. I feel like a cirque performer when I’m working out. There’s a control with this workout that I didn’t feel I had with a bunch of the other programs. Usually felt like I was just flinging my body or some weights around, but this is the kind of workout that builds genuine strength, stability and length. I absolutely feel it already. Thanks Kim for developing this incredibly cool system. Can’t wait to post some results!

Lynne D. Ryder

I would also like to say that I am 55, out of shape, overweight and bad knees. I started with and still do the chair workout and feel myself getting stronger everyday. I also LOVE the Awesome Arms workout! Because of my knees I have found that I can still do most of the floor part except I pause the tv while I get back up because it takes me awhile, lol.
I also pause the tv when I decide to do more reps as I get stronger. WhatI love about this system is you can make it as easy or as hard as you choose.
I was practically bedridden from 2004-2016 and have had to use a walker and a cane after that. This system works for me also because if I can’t you my leg muscle I can compensate with my arm. I hope that makes sense!
– Kristen Schmidtberger

I love this program! I have worked out all my adult life. These are awesome! Makes my pilates workouts so much more effective. Easy on my 60 year old joints and my 5 lebel fused back. Will be ordering the extra on line workouts.
– Kathy Geyer Rowse

Best workout program I have ever bought or done! So glad I bought it!
– Kristen Schmidtberger … reviewed — 5 star

Great product yes 3×3 Fit guys can use .  It is a fun workout you can do anywhere and anytime at your home or take one some Kim classes get hands on learn how to enjoy fun rings get your body into that top shape again .  It will improve your body ,mind and soul .Price is great on these 3×3 fit very affordable.
– Scott Knight … reviewed — 5 star

Love this product!
– Karen Pavic

I got beginners chair…its very good!
– Sally Smith-Evans 

I love this arm workout. Got it Friday, tried it today. So much easier on my joints with as much or more burn than my hand weights! (Recent purchaser of Awesome Arms – comment posted)
– Julie Parham 

I love my 3×3!! I can go home tired and cranky and then get an AWESOME stretch and workout with this program that I am happy by the time everyone gets home. When your 57 and have bad “everything” it’s nice to have this type of a workout.
– Beth Eberly

I received my set a few weeks ago and have been doing the Total Body Sculpting workout consistently 3 days a week since then. A few days ago I started noticing some small changes and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I look forward to my workouts because they are easy for me to do while still producing results. I have a bit to go on my toning and sculpting journey but I know that by using this system consistently that I will get there eventually. This is a fun workout that works!
– Machelle Earley

Love the workouts!!!  After only 3 Chair Workouts and 4 Total Body Workouts I am stronger and my form has improved. At first I didn’t feel as though the rings were giving me enough support to do full sit ups of V ups.  But when I did my last workout I noticed I was stronger and using more tension, which in turn gave me more support. I do not like working out and have many “gadgets” and exercise videos. So far 3×3 Fit is one of my favorites because it is fun and  effective!  Good for all fitness levels.
– Barbara H

I just started & thought it’d be too easy even though I’m older… but I was wrong! I had forgotten how good it feels to work my muscles! I do like it a lot! All different levels for all different people!
– Meg Pugh … reviewed — 5 star

I’ve been sharing with my older friends at church how wonderful 3×3 fit has been for me – with breaking the cycle of inflammation and allowing my arthritic joints to unstiffen and become pain-free! I brought the rings to the “donut table” a week-ago Sunday after Mass, and I had a large captive audience of interested people; especially the women!
– Elizabeth Martin

I have been doing the 3X3 FIT program for several months and love it! It is a quick and fun workout. The DVD has exercises for arms, buns and core. They are 3 to 13 minute workouts (all have beginner to advanced routines.) Even though the workouts are short you really feel the results, especially the next day!
– Ellen Strawman … reviewed — 5 star

Your 3×3 fit rings are a darn great thing for seniors to use for chair exercises! Also, your 3×3 fit rings are fabulous for doing floor exercises!! Hands down, best exercise product I’ve ever found on the market!!! With less than a minute working with the rings, I feel my metabolism kick in, everytime!
– Elizabeth

3/12/2017 – I have been exercising with Kim Marie Ross for 2 years.  I love the max dance and 3×3 stretch and core building.  My doctor cannot believe I have improved my bone density and posture. My doctor says I have the energy, the good health and body of some one 10 to 15 years younger than my 71 years.
– Shelly

I am a senior care giver. The gentleman I am currently working for is 79 years old and has had Parkinson’s disease for eight years. I am the overnight care giver. He is suppose to call out to me if he has to go to the bath room. There is a urinal next to his bed. When I first started this job whenever he would call out …it was  always too late, he simply could not hold his bladder. I started doing the 3 X 3 exercise for strengthening  the bladder every time I was there and about two weeks ago things began to change.

I usually get up about four times to help him with urination.  Now two out of four times when  he has called he has been able to hold his bladder. Then this week he was able to hold his bladder every time. I attribute this improvement to using the 3 X 3 rings bladder exercise!!!
– Cindy

“Consistency has never been the long suit of this 59-year-old woman. The one thing that I have learned over my 45-year merry go round ride with my weight is that whatever I do to lose weight, must be something that I am willing to do for the rest of my life.

No longer willing, or able, to do high impact cardio, I have restarted my exercise program with walking and hiking. Two activities that I love and am willing to do for the rest of my life. The 3×3 ad caught my eye as it rolled around on my Facebook feed; hmm this looks interesting. Once I watched the video, I knew that this is a product that I will use.

From the very first use, I could perform every exercise! Transitioning between the 3×3 exercises and adding/removing a cord if needed, is a breeze. I never miss a move! I am not plagued by the voices of the negative committee in my head as I’m working with the 3×3 Fit. I feel successful. I find myself looking forward to my 3×3 workouts. In just a short time I feel my muscles responding. My posture is changing. I am standing taller and holding myself differently throughout the day.

What am I willing to do for the rest of my life? I am willing to work with the 3×3 fit rings to improve and increase my muscle strength and flexibility. There are so many products on the market. DO NOT hesitate to invest in the 3×3 Fit.”
– Mary in Cincinnati

“I have been exercising with Kim Marie Ross for 2 years. I love the max dance and 3×3 stretch and core building. My doctor can not believe I have improved my bone density and posture. My doctor says I have the energy, the good health and body of some one 10 to 15 years younger than my 71 years.”
– Mary Arnold

“I started 3×3 Fit when I was rehabbing my low back and I cannot tell you how great it was for my core!!! Absolutely awesome workout, love the barre section too!! The Barre workout really helped me even out strength on both my legs which in turn helped me with some of my knee issues. This is a great workout for incorporating balance, core and arm strength as well as lower body!!! You gotta try it!”
– Dawn Davis

“Kim is not only an amazing person but she has taught me how to sculpt my body with the 3×3 rings like never before. This class is great for balance, flexibility and toning! I love her classes and would recommend this class to anyone no matter what your fitness level!!”
– Teresa Larsen-Brenke

“The 3X3 Fit Rings are great for an all over body workout without even having to go to the gym or Kim’s classes. I live across town and purchased them to be able to use them at home. I still love to get out to the gym, but also use the Rings for more toning, balance and strength building. I use the Rings in place of weights for keeping my bones strong. Thanks Kim…I love them and have recommended them to many of my friends”
– Jane Anderson

“I am a runner who was looking for something to strengthen my core and arms but did not want to use weights. After watching the 3×3 demo on line, I was sold immediately. I have been using them for over 2 years now – and use them on a daily basis. They can easily be packed for travel (mine have gone internationally several times now). The best result I have from using these awesome rings is that people stop and ask me what I do to get such a toned and sculpted body!! They also are great for rehab when I have had a few injuries from running. No workout equipment can give you the same results for the price! Love my 3×3 rings!!”
– Heidi D. Knight

“3×3 has easily become my favorite workout! I enjoy classes and doing my workouts from the comfort of my home. In a day and age where time is of the essence, the rings are the most efficient workout I have found. They are toning of the whole body. I LOVE my rings and recently brought them to Arizona and Mexico with me!”
– Brage Anderson Hanson

“I am so thrilled with the 3×3 workouts! Prior to joining the class, I hadn’t exercised in many years and I was a bit intimidated to get started. Kim is a great instructor and the rings are easy to use. I couldn’t believe how quickly I noticed my strength building and my muscles toning! LOVE the workouts and really look forward to each class!”
– Kim Schmidt Dockry

“Kim, my new senior is loving this program. She just had surgery on her wrist a couple of weeks ago and is having great success using the rings and getting her strength back, I love this program…changing lives one person at a time..sometimes a group at a time..see you Saturday!”
-Shelly Jean

“3 X 3 Fit !!!! Thank you for changing my life!!!!
Getting stronger every day!!!! Plus what a blessing as a Care Giver to share it with my Seniors. I always bring an extra pair of rings wherever to go!!!”
– Cindy Crabtree

“You will find muscles you did not know you had! Excellent work out and stretch, I have not found ANYTHING like this. Saturday morning’s are the highight of my week! Thank you Kim, your energy lights up the room and you kick out butts good!”
– Carolyn Brooks

“These rings, and the workout, is amazing! I have so much enjoyed the benefits of them. They have taken my workouts to a new level, since they provide so much for me to increase my ability to improve my flexibility, strength, and balance. A one-of-a-kind work out! WOW!!!”
– Bobbie Bridges

“Today on International Women’s Day (March 8) a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, I want to applaud Kim Marie Ross! She is a fun loving, hard working woman who has shown all of us that being a Woman in business is a rewarding experience. She has a non-stop, never quit attitude, combined with a dynamic workout that “kicks all our butts!” Her workouts with the 3x3fit rings give one an all over body toning, sculpting, and strengthen of all muscles and I am thankful that it also protects my back and body as the rings cradle me into Yoga, pilates and ballet like postures. She uses 3x3fit rings along with pilates balls, the barre, or even a chair to help one balance, tone and sculpt your body. The music is uplifting, Kim Marie’s classes are very we’ll thought out and never boring. I never liked exercising much, but thought of it as a necessary part of my life. Now, I look forward to every class and always am challenged to move to the next level. Blessings on your business Kim Marie on this International Woman’s Day.”
– Beth Ann Bowerman

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this program!!!!! So innovative and unique!!! Even at my age!!!”
– Vicki Dixon

“I have been doing the 3X3 FIT program for several months and love it! It is a quick and fun workout. The DVD has exercises for arms, buns and core. They are 3 to 13 minute workouts (all have beginner to advanced routines.) Even though the workouts are short you really feel the results, especially the next day!”
– Ellen Strawman

“I really enjoy and love the 3×3 classes and I would highly recommend to others. Kim is a great instructor. You get a good workout and you will have fun!”
– Jodi Hilgers

“I have been participating in a 3×3 class for several months now and love it! I also use the rings at home following the instruction video. Finally, I have found a way to get results without having to lift alot of weights. Thanks 3×3!”
– Kristin Mocol

“Kim is amazing and I highly recommended her classes! It’s the best workout I’ve done!”
– Mollie Teresa

“I have to tell you. Your 3×3 is Awesome!
Since I have bad spine I Was afraid to try it.
BUT I can do Many things with 3X3 WITHOUT irritating my neck and spine.
THANK YOU for producing it! XO
PS. For ANYONE that Even may have a Disability or an Injury Do Try it. You WILL be very Pleased!”  Robi Nash, MN 3/3/2016