Please see GETTING STARTED for helpful video tutorial.  This video tutorial will help guide you in getting started with the rings and cords along with helpful tips along the way.  A weekly/monthly workout regime is also provided.  

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Where does this product Ship from?:  

Answer:  3X3FIT manufactures in the USA and ships from the USA.  

Question:  How do I access the OnDemand membership that I purchased?  Answer:    The 3X3FIT ONDemand workouts are accessed at  Go to ‘Workout Programs’ tab  located in the menu bar.  When ordering the OnDemand system you were issued a LOGIN and prompted to enter a password.  Please let us know if you have any questions on your LOGIN and/or if you would like us to reset your PASSWORD.

The 3X3FIT OnDemand workouts are accessed via a browser.  They can be accessed  anywhere you have an internet connection and can login to   If you wish to view the workouts on your TV and your TV does not have the ability to access a browser,  simply login to  on your laptop/tablet and connect to your TV with an HDMI cord.

Some users have all used wireless mirroring from their mobile phone/laptop to their SmartTV or Roku.  Some users have used airplay with Apple TV.

What do I do if my 73″ POWER CORDS are too long for me?
Easy solution: 
Place 1-4 knots in the ends of your cords to shorten them, therefore creating higher tension and reducing the slack for a more appropriate length for your height.  Start with just one knot and continue to add until it feels just right for your height.

What if my 73″ POWER CORDS are too short for me?  

Easy Solution:  Add one or two of your 10″ standard cords to the end of your POWER CORD to lengthen.  10″ standard short cords are included in every kit, however, you can also order an extra set with clips on SHOP page. 

What about my standard & LONG cords, can I put a knot in those cords too?   
We recommend that you use your cords a few times before placing any knots in these.  As you get started, they may feel too long, but as you get stronger they may feel JUST RIGHT for your height.  Once you put a knot in your cords it is hard to remove.  You can order additional cords with free shipping on SHOP page 1

See additional info on cords below.


TOP FAQ’S for  NEW Total Body Roller:

How do I purchase just the roller? See SHOP page 1 for product listing for Total Body Roller –  includes DVD  “Let’s Roll!” (20 min)

Let’s Roll! 20 min workout:

What cords do I need to use with the roller?  Most of you received both standard 10” cords & LONG cords in your original purchase of your equipment.  That is all you need to use the Total Body Roller.  If you purchased rings prior to 8/17 and your rings are the original one-half pound each, you should not use with your light rings.  You will need to upgrade your equipment to the new heavier rings to use LONG cords, Power Cords & the Total Body Roller.  Your light weight rings are not equipped or made for such force.  They will break.  See SHOP page for 3X3FIT Rings & Cords (G3 rings 1.5 lbs each)

What if I don’t own the rings yet and want the total body roller as well?  You can pick any 3X3FIT package and purchase the total body roller separately or pick a package that includes the Total Body Roller with Rings & Cords.  There are multiple choices.


QUESTION:    How do I hook up my cords?

ANSWER:   Take one steel clip and attach to end of one or two cords depending on whether you are using one or both cords.

QUESTION: Which cords do I use for each workout?

ANSWER:  Each workout is unique and different.  You will be instructed as to which cords to use for each workout.  However, see instructions for workouts that pre-dated the LONG cord method:

Ballerina Glutes & Thighs & AWESOME ARMS – Requires use of both Standard Cords & LONG CORDS.  Use your LONG cords vs old extender cord method used in this video.  When the extender cords are hooked up, simply hook up your LONG cord(s).

Beginner Chair –  Standard Cords    Stretch (Mat) – Standard Cords

Stretch (Chair / Barre) –Standard Cords    Total Body Sculpt –  Standard Cords

Standard Cords:  In every equipment package. These range from 9″ to 11″ depending on your height.  You ordered your LONG cords based on your height.  Your standard cords length will reflect your LONG cord choice.

*Helpful tip for those 5’10” or taller.  Add one extra steel clip to the end of each of your 10” cords for more range/stretch with your cords.

LONG CORDS: 13″, 16”, 18” 23”, 24.5” LONG CORDS come in various colors –  based on height.    Do not be distracted by the color cord being used in the workout videos.  Your LONG CORDS may be a different color based on your height.   

Please note that colors change periodically based on inventory and manufacture color availability.  Your package will be clearly marked with the appropriate length based on what you selected at the time of purchase per your height.  Please be advised if you have purchased from Amazon that you did not have a choice when ordering.  You have received the 18″ (put one or two knots in your cord if they are too long). Or, order new cords here based on your height.

IMPORTANT NOTELONG cords are not an exact science.  Each LONG cord has been made specially for the designated height and may feature a little more tension or stretch.   You will be given choice of LONG cord based on your height at check out.   With that said, wing span differs from person to person.  Each LONG cord can actually be used by both shorter or taller in most cases.  Quick remedy for cords too long is to simply add a knot or two.  Or, if cords to short, add a steel clip to the end of your cord proving an additional 2″.  Or, order multiple lengths.

73” POWER CORDS:   Light,  Medium,  Heavy   Current workout videos ‘Upper Body Power Sculpt & Power Sculpt Arms -Supersets’ feature use of both the LIGHT & HEAVY TENSION POWER CORDS.  However, MEDIUM TENSION 73″ POWER CORDS have become available since filming these workouts.  Start with LIGHT and work your way up to HEAVY.


.  If you are on the taller side or have longer limbs and feel you are not getting enough range of motion with cords, simply add one 10″ cord to the end of your POWER CORDS.  If you are 6 ft. or taller, you may opt to do this.

.  If you are super petite and feel that you have slack in your POWER CORDS  you may opt to put one to four  knots in your CORDS.  Start with one and add more if necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you own the original lightweight rings (1/2 lb. each), do not use anything other than the standard short cords.  These lightweight rings were not intended for LONG or POWER cord method.  Upgrade your rings:  See SHOP page for package options.

LONG CORDS or 73″ POWER CORDS can be ordered at See SHOP pages

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Use only 3X3FIT G3 (1.5 lbs. each) & G2 (.09 lbs. each) rings with 3X3FIT workouts along with 3X3FIT authorized accessories and attachments.  Earlier generation rings are not equipped to handle the force of the LONG cords, Powercords, Power Flexcords or Total Body Roller.  See G3 Equipment on SHOP page of website to upgrade your equipment.  If you purchased your rings prior to 8/17 and your rings are the original one-half pound each, you should not use with your light rings with anything other than the 10″ standard cords you received with your purchase.


Question:  How do I access the OnDemand membership that I purchased?  Answer:    The 3X3FIT ONDemand workouts are accessed at  Go to ‘Workout Programs’ tab  located in the menu bar.  When ordering the OnDemand system you were issued a LOGIN and prompted to enter a password.  Please let us know if you have any questions on your LOGIN and/or if you would like us to reset your PASSWORD.

The 3X3FIT ONDemand workouts are accessed via a browser.  They can be accessed  anywhere you have an internet connection and can login to   If you wish to view the workouts on your TV and your TV does not have the ability to access a browser,  simply login to  on your laptop/tablet and connect to your TV with an HDMI cord.

Some users have all used wireless mirroring from their mobile phone/laptop to their SmartTV or Roku.

What if I don’t know my OnDemand LOGIN and PASSWORD?

Answer: Contact and we will send you your credentials.  We may issue you a new, temporary password to make it easy for you to use the OnDemand service.  You can easily change to a personal password by logging in and going to My Account and selecting “change my password”.

Question:  How long does it take to ship?

Answer: Shipping is always measured in “business or working days”  Standard shipping is via FedEx Smartpost.  FedEx Ground transports to your local post office and then the USPS usually delivers the package.  In some cases, FedEx handles the package all the way to your door.  Standard shipping is 7-10 business days from when it ships.   RUSH Shipping is 3-5 business days or less from when it ships via USPS Priority Mail, excluding Alaska & Hawaii.  Alaska & Hawaii may take up to 7 business days for RUSH.  In some cases, RUSH shipping in not available due to excessive cost.  Customers will be notified and refunded RUSH shipping in this case.  Orders are processed with-in 48 hours during business hours M-F.

Question: I feel a little bit of sensitivity in my shins with a few of the exercises when using Generation 3 Rings. Is this normal?

Answer: You might feel a little sensitivity in your shins however, your shins will get used to it.  Just like riding a bike, you may experience soreness/tenderness the first few times you ride your bike each season, you also may experience some tenderness in your shins the first few times you do the exercises that touch the shins.  Your shins will adjust.  If the tenderness persists, we advise you skip those exercises.  There are hundreds of exercises, so skipping those that bother you will be the best.

Question:  I have arthritis in my wrists and hands. Will I be able to use these heavy rings?  

Answer:  We have many users working out with the program who experience some kind of weakness in the hands and wrists, however, it is different for every user.  Please always check with your healthcare provider first before using the 3X3FIT program.  There may be some exercises that are too difficult depending on how severe the condition, however there are dozens of workouts with hundreds of exercises.  We suggest that you simply avoid those that are not comfortable for you.  One helpful tip is to invest in the BIG DADDY CLIPS. There are a great option to  replace the standard steel clips included in your package. Great for FAST click on and off.  Big Daddy clips also make it easier for those with weak wrists.  See SHOP page 1 to purchase,

Question: Can I use the commercial grade equipment for the spinning exercises? They seem too heavy.

Answer: Please skip the (3) spinning exercises in this workout if you purchased your equipment after 8/17. The equipment has evolved to commercial grade equipment and is too heavy with more durable, harder material and not meant for the spinning exercises. If you purchased equipment after 8/17 you may still opt to do the spinning exercises by simply holding the rings (one in each hand and circling your arms). This is just as effective. 

QUESTION: How can a beginner and athlete both get an effective 3X3FIT workout with the same workout?
ANSWER: A beginner, even somebody who has not worked out in years (or ever) will do less range of motion using more assist of the heavy tension cords. The resist acts as the assist in the athletic level exercises. It doesn’t matter if you do only a fraction of the reps or half the range of motion as you get started. If you feel it in your muscles and work them to fatique, that is evidence your muscles are working and that is what you need to make true change. As users get stronger (both beginner & athletic level), they begin using greater range of motion and do more reps. This truly is for beginners to athletic level.

Question:  Is this program good for men?

Answer:  Yes. The UPPERBODY workouts which feature the use of the POWERCORDS and POWER FLEXCORDS are very popular among men.  

Question:  Do you have a Get Started information guide?

Answer:   Go to Home Page and Click on “Getting Started” module.  This includes helpful hints for getting started as well as Kim’s suggested weekly work out regime for beginners to advanced levels.

Question:  How can I play the workouts if I do not have a DVD player?

Answer: You can order 3X3FIT OnDemand or streaming with no need for DVDs or DVD player.  Or, another option is to purchase a portable DVD player (range from $39+ at Walmart, Target or other retailers).  Our customer base continues to ask for OnDemand vs. DVDs so we offer both opportunities.

Question:  How do I know which workout to start with?

Answer:  If you can navigate from the floor to a chair easily, then any of the workouts will be appropriate for you.  However, we do recommend you begin with any of the following:

Flat Belly Abs & Sculpted Arms

Upper Body Power Sculpt

Sit & Sculpt

Hinge Firm Power Sculpt

Question:  How many steel clips (hooks) should I have in my package?

Answer:  You should have two clips for each set of cords you receive. You only need one steel clip when connecting one or both cords to each ring. We also highly recommend that you purchase additional steel clips to put on the end of each cord to help make transitions faster by simply disconnecting the cord. Steel clips can be purchased on the Shop page (2 or $9.95)

Question:  Is there a simple technique to learning the arm circles with rings-only?

Answer:  Please note that any rings purchased after 11/18 are not suitable for the arm circles exercises.  They are too heavy.  As an alternative, simply hold one ring in each hand with arms out to the side and rotate your arms for 1 minute increments.

Question:  Can I purchase the other workouts later if I don’t order with my package right away?

Answer:  Yes. However, not all workouts are available for purchase on individual DVDS.    All workouts are offered the moment they launch with OnDemand membership.  Go to for information about online OnDemand membership to all workouts.  Super simple one step login!

Question:  Can I purchase a 2nd set of rings without any DVDs?

Answer:  Yes, see SHOP tab. See equipment only options.

Question:  Do you have any stores that carry the 3X3FIT program?

Answer:  Not at this time.

Question:  I am a fitness instructor (or gym owner) and would like to purchase the rings for my class members. Is there a discount?

Answer:  We do have Club Kits available.  There is special pricing for studio/gym members with a minimum purchase order.  Please visit SHOP pages for more information and pricing.

Question:  What is your return policy?

RETURN POLICY: Returns are accepted if postmarked within 14 days of receipt and will be credited merchandise price less 20% restocking fee. Return shipping is responsibility of customer. Beauty products excluded. All beauty products are final sale. Bra​, cami and clothing​ returns are accepted if postmarked within 14 days of receipt and will be refunded 100%.  All returns must be unworn with any tags attached..  Refunds will be issued with-in 5 business days of receipt.

Please include a copy of your packing slip (or include order number and name) in return package.

OnDemand Return Policy: OnDemand Access is a non-refundable purchase. Once purchased, consumer will have full access to online streaming at anytime.

Returns Ship To Address:
EMAIL: for return shipping information.

Question:  What happens if a ring breaks?

Answer:  Please email

Question:  What materials are used in the construction of your G3 RINGS?  


  • Ultra Durable High Tech Polymer Inside Ring
  • SureGrip waterproof Outside Cover
  • 1.5 lbs. weight of each ring

Question:  How do I clean my rings?  Warm water and soapy sponge work best.  Rings are water proof.  

Question:  Do the G3 rings contain LATEX?

Answer:  No.

Question: What is the difference between Extender Tension Cords and Long Tension Cords?

Answer: See detailed instruction for all tension cords below. 3X3FIT no longer offers extender cords.  The LONG cords took the place of extender cords in  Jan 2018.  It is advised you read this before beginning your exercise programs and will be helpful in achieving your best overall workout experience.

Question:   What is the warranty on the 3X3FIT rings?

Answer: 3X3FIT warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and conditions for a period of 14 DAYS FROM THE DATE RECEIVED. The Company’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing the Product, at the discretion of the Company.

All warranty coverage extends only to the original retail purchaser from the date of purchase. 3X3FIT‘s obligation under this Warranty is limited to replacing or repairing, at 3X3FIT’s option, the product at one of its authorized service centers. All products for which a warranty claim is made must be received by 3X3FIT and accompanied by sufficient proof of purchase (photocopy of the original receipt or packing slip, indicating the date of purchase). All freight and handling fees are the responsibility of the consumer to pay, both to and from 3X3FIT. All warranty claims must be pre-authorized by 3X3FIT.  This warranty does not extend to any product or damage to a product caused by or attributable to freight damage, abuse, misuse, improper or abnormal usage, or repairs not provided by 3X3FIT. This warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, weathering, failure to follow directions, in Warranty beyond that specifically set forth above is authorized by 3X3FIT.