Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT – “One Single Exercise FAST Sculpted Inner/Outer Thighs – Easy Peasy!”

Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer “Don’t work hard. Work Smart” The inner/outer thighs is missed in most workouts.  In fact, most of you would say that your inner and outer thighs might even feel a little like a marshmallow.  There is good reason for that.  So much of what we do in […]

Kim, 3X3FIT Product Developer 54 with Husband Kevin 55 “Our great adventure”

Message from Kim, 54 with Husband Kevin, 55:  Age is a #!  This is not cliche! Staying active is KEY! We are booked!  We are (bicycle)touring across Iowa (approx. 500 miles) in 7 days in July with 8500 others in the annual RAGBRI. We will sleep in tents all week. My greatest concern is showering, […]

Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT “Headed to Boston”

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product Developer  Headed to BOSTON MANIA!  In April 2017 3X3FIT launched in a fast and furious way into the consumer arena.  I am most thankful and honored to be spending time with thousands of women all over the Country during their weekly workout time. This past January we began entering gyms […]


Kim’s personal video message  My hair is growing like a weed. Skin looking better than it has in years!!!  Sleeping!!!  I have been an insommiac my entire life!   Consistent compliments on my skin & maintaining weight loss EASILY doing nothing differently now 90 days into this. 7 day Detox/Menopause Power Pack.  Since I wrote this […]

Kim Marie Ross – Sleep Glorious Sleep!  After a lifetime of insomnia an answer to my prayers.

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer To say I have been an insomniac my entire life would be far from an exaggeration. Maybe you can relate?   I can truly remember back to age 3 or 4 laying in bed every night trying to fall asleep.  I have tried many things through the years […]

Kim’s personal 3X3FIT 30 day workout regime recommendation. New You! 30 days!

Did you know you could form a new habit in just 2 weeks?  This one could be life altering!  My personal recommendation is based on you having full approval of your healthcare provider.  Workout at your own pace.  And, modify as needed per your personal limitations.    See 30 day regime listed below.  However, please […]

Kim Marie Ross – Hormonal Frenzy? Results are coming in from 7 day detox/Menopause Power Packs

HORMONAL FRENZY?  WEIGHT GAIN?  NOT DOING ANYTHING DIFFERENT, BUT YOUR BODY IS SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL? I have been there.  I recently shared my own weight loss story (using 7 day detox & menopause power pack.  See video testimonial link:   I lost 5 lbs with detox and an additional 2 lbs post detox with the […]

Kim Marie Ross – Why is 3X3FIT such a powerful tool for Power Stretching?

There are so many benefits of stretching.  And, the older we get the more critical that is.  It can make a difference of how you body moves just getting out of bed or up out of a chair.  Right?!  And, then there is balance.  That is also so KEY as we age.  It is not […]


UPDATE: I am getting feedback from many of you who ordered the 7 day detox. And, so thrilled! What are some of the things I am hearing? Reduced carb cravings! Reduced appetite! Weight loss! Increased energy! Yes! Yes! Yes! Same for me! Please feel free to post your questions and comments at Facebook page “Menopause […]