Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT “GOING OFF THE GRID FOR 8 DAYS – Keeping it real.” #PortaPotty #NoMakeup #NoCoffee #NoFACEBOOK!

Brief video of a bit of the experience at campsite with thousands of other biker/campers:  Going off the grid for 8 days was never what I expected when I signed up for RAGBRA. However, when 30,000+ bike riders try to access their phone in small towns …well you give up when your phone is […]

A bit of my story – Kim Marie Ross – 25 years of Fitness Product Development

A bit of personal background in Fitness Product Development now 25 years. Everybody has an idea. Maybe this will inspire you or maybe you will think twice. :} I also wanted to share just a few of the fitness machines that I successfully launched into the market. (Ab Scissors was developed by three of us (inventors) […]

Hip, Neck, Back, Knee Pain? Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer

Back, hips, neck, knee pain? 3X3FIT DAILY HIP FLEXOR EXERCISES 30 days – 30 exercises.  Check back daily for update to blog or on 3X3 FIT Facebook page (posted daily). An instruction video with all exercises posted will be filmed after 30 days and made available to ALL 3X3FIT users at no charge (with our […]

How bad do you want your summer arms? Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT

X-ray showing 3 fractures in y left shoulder.  Bike accident Sept. 2018.  Injured area 1 month after injury still very bruised.  Dec 2018 filmed the new Upper Body Power Sculpt Workout- Arms & Shoulders in better shape than before the accident.   The question is “How bad do you want summer arms?” 3X/week with 3X3FIT […]

Kim Marie Ross 30 day Challenge Shape Up for Spring “My best recommendation for 3X3FIT Workout Regime”

  KIM’S SHAPE UP FOR SPRING 3X3FIT WEEKLY REGIME 30 DAY CHALLENGE! GOAL:  MORE SHAPELY ARMS, LIFTED GLUTES, STRONGER CORE WORKOUT REGIME:  4-5X WEEK  –  UPPER BODY POWER SCULPT:& FLAT BELLY ABS & SCULPTED ARMS I would recommend that you take both of these workouts and do a total of 45 mins of the two.  Just […]

Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT “Change your Mondays. Change you life.”

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer “Change your Mondays.  Change your Life”     Teresa Brenke, Embrace Health Specialty:  Behavior Modification 25 Years teaching 500,000 children, 10,000 adults in over 2000 facilities. ‘The missing piece of the puzzle.’ Exercise   Nutrition  BEHAVIOR/EMOTIONS I am super excited to announce 3X3FIT’s new partnership with Embrace Health. How […]

Kim Marie Ross “3X3FIT is committed to clean water and meals to children around the globe”

    Beginning today every order will provide 4 meals to children in need through Feed My Starving Children. I am most thankful to all of my customers.  And, I am most thankful God has provided a vehicle for my company to give back.  To God be all the Glory.  I am simply the vessel […]