Reflecting on 2021 and Health #1 Priority Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer

2021  A year to really look back and reflect on. 2022 a year to really put heath first.  #PRIORITY   What is your plan?  What can you do to be proactive in the journey against the current virus? What can you do in your own personal battle against aging which can sometimes throw us some […]

Core strength is crucial in every movement of your day. 60 Days to a strong core. Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product and Program Developer

    START YOUR 60-DAY CORE TRANSFORMATION TODAY! Core strength is crucial in every movement you of your day. CLICK HERE AND CHOOSE (3) WORKOUTS A WEEK FOR NEXT 60 DAYS & WATCH AND FEEL YOUR CORE COMPLETELY TRANSFORM!   OnDemand Members have more choices of CORE Training workouts.  For (ad free) Lifetime Membership […]

Know your WHY. Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT

Kim Marie Ross, Health, Fitness, Beauty – 27 years.   “Exercise regularly” #1 New Year’s resolution.   If that is your resolution, here are three things that can assure you success: Know your WHY Create a safety net (identify your obstacles) Adopt a workout plan KNOW YOUR “WHY”.   Really think about this.  Write all the reasons […]

“MENOPAUSE” Be Battle Ready! Kim Marie Ross, 27 yrs. Fitness Product Developer, Health, Wellness & Beauty

    Menopause? Hot Flashes? Mood Swings? Lack of Energy? You can battle AND have victory over all of this! “I started taking VIBE in the throws of menopause and won the battle! Not a single hot flash, balanced, level emotions, mood and energy levels! I skated through it. While my results may not be […]

3X3FIT Kim’s #1 TIP for fast HAIR GROWTH. Thicker, longer, healthier! Proof is in the pudding! Before & After shots.

  Kim Marie Ross, 27 years, Fitness Product Developer, Health, Wellness & Beauty CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT HOW TO GET STRONG, HEALTHY, THICK HAIR. Watch Video for Kim’s #1 TIP & $10 off Coupon.  If you are menopausal, have had COVID, thyroid issues or on thyroid meds or just have thinning hair, give […]

3X3FIT Time for some “BALANCE” in your life! Kim Marie Ross, Product & Program Developer

  The older I get the more I recognize the benefit of including balance training in the 3X3FIT program.   In fact, the 3X3FIT program is known for its balance training benefits.  Now age 57, I can attest to the statement  “It is not ‘if’ you will fall, it is ‘when’ you will fall”.    Kim […]

Let’s do this! 2020 here we come. Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer

LET’S DO THIS! Ready? Why wait until Jan 1st to feel your best? You are only putting off the opportunity to feel good NOW! Exercise produces happy endorphins! After just 7 days of it, you are addicted to that feeling! #TRUE! Here is my recommendation for the next 6 days to 2020. Let’s ring in the […]

PREPARING FOR 40 DAY BATTLE. Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer

How are you going to prepare for days of eating? Like 40 of them!  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Lots of focus on eating.   It is a tough time of the year, but you can avoid that feeling of hopelessness and throwing in the towel.  Thanksgiving is normally the onset of a landslide of eating for many.  […]

What is slowing down my metabolism? Kim Marie Ross 3X3 FIT Product & Program Developer

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer Stop the madness! Our metabolism slows down dramatically with each year that ticks by as we lose more and more muscle mass.  Our bones lose density becoming more and more fragile.   But, you can battle it! Strength Training is one powerful thing you can do for both […]