Know your WHY. Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT

Kim Marie Ross, Health, Fitness, Beauty – 27 years.


“Exercise regularly”
#1 New Year’s resolution.  

If that is your resolution, here are three things that can assure you success:

Know your WHY

Create a safety net (identify your obstacles)

Adopt a workout plan

KNOW YOUR “WHY”.   Really think about this.  Write all the reasons WHY you are setting this exercise goal for yourself.  Don’t take your eyes off your true reasons WHY you set this goal.  Remembering your WHY will help insure long-term success. 

Here are just a few top reasons WHY we commit to exercise:  

Mental health & well-being.

Weight loss.

To increase energy.

Toned and defined muscles.

To gain strength.

To reduce stress and anxiety.

To combat depression.

To become healthier.

To avoid chronic disease.

To lower blood pressure.

To enhance heart health.

To increase metabolism.

To prevent joint pain.

To improve balance.

To be able to remain active with our children/grandchildren.

To be happier.


 CREATE A SAFETY NET.   Identify your obstacles or the triggers that sabotage your success.  Create a “safety net” based on your personal triggers.

For example:

If you find yourself too tired, set an earlier bedtime. 

If you generally run out of time in your day for your workout, set a first thing in the morning workout time.

Create a healthy nutrition program for yourself.  The healthier you eat the more motivated you are to work out.  The more you work out the more motivated you will be to eat healthier. 


ADOPT A WORKOUT PLAN:  Having a plan will help assure success long term.

 For example:

 3X3FIT Daily Challenge is a workout regime that is already mapped out for you.  It offers accountability and encouragement from fellow challengers all over the Country.

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3X3FIT is a fun program with 85+ workouts.  You could do a different workout every day for 3 months. Variety and fun are a KEY part of sticking to your exercise regime.   For more information about the 3X3FIT program:

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