LIFE HAPPENS by Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer


The older you get, it is not IF you are going to fall, it is when you are going to fall.

As we grow older, the risk of serious injury becomes greater.  As we lose physical strength and bone density, our sense of balance deteriorates.  We are more actively losing both muscle and bone density beginning at age 25.  However, when women reach menopause, this becomes substantially more pronounced.  Estrogen, a hormone in women that protects bones, decreases sharply when women reach menopause, and this can lead to bone loss.  The chances of developing osteoporosis increases.

THE GOOD NEWS!  There are things we can do to be proactive in maintaining strong muscles and bones.

Check out Twin Cities Live today as I share what you can do to be proactive in the battle to maintain muscle mass and healthy bone.

KSTP – Channel 5 3-4 PM. 

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I recently wrote a blog about falling numerous times in the past few years.  Well, add one more fall this past weekend tossing a football with my granddaughter.

Not one of my falls were due to instability, but just LIFE HAPPENS kind of tumbles. We all have those times!  Okay, to be fair jumping off a swing while going fast and high is not necessarily LIFE HAPPENS type of fall, but we all make bad choices now and then.  I often think I am still decades younger than I am.

LIFE HAPPENS – My falls the past 5 years:

.  This past weekend.  Tossing a football with my 6-year-old granddaughter. Running backwards, tumbled hard over a small evergreen tree (No injuries. Just scrapes.)

.  Jumping off a swing and tumbling several times (No injuries.  Lots of serious scrapes!)

.  Bike accident (flew over my handlebars onto my shoulder. 3 bone fractures to my left shoulder.  3X3FIT saved the day and surgery!  Rehabbed 100% with 3X3FIT.)

.  Slipped on ice in a parking lot (no injuries)

.  Slipped on a piece of fruit (cement floor) at an Expo.  Went down hard (no injuries).

.  Tripped over a cord at a trunk show flying a few feet into the air (no injuries).

You see, LIFE HAPPENS and you will fall at some point.  How you land and whether your bones survive, may depend on what you do today to be proactive.  I believe that my body was spared of many broken bones due to my daily regime of exercise.  We must be intentional about exercise and our choice of exercise as we get older.

Hope you can tune in today for some great tips on keeping your muscles and bones strong!

For your healthiest you,

God Bless,