3X3FIT Time for some “BALANCE” in your life! Kim Marie Ross, Product & Program Developer


The older I get the more I recognize the benefit of including balance training in the 3X3FIT program.   In fact, the 3X3FIT program is known for its balance training benefits.

 Now age 57, I can attest to the statement  “It is not ‘if’ you will fall, it is ‘when’ you will fall”.   

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer

I have fallen many times the past 4 years!  It is not a lack of strength for me as I have been working out daily since age 19, however, I am always rushing around.  My falls have included tripping over cords, ice and fruit.

I believe my muscle strength helped me to land a bit more gracefully.  To be able to catch myself going down and not crash at full force saving my bones!

Of course there was the bike accident that lead to three bone breaks in my shoulder, but that could not be helped.  I went over the handlebars and at full force landed square on my shoulder.  I did my entire rehab with 3X3FIT in a sling for 2 months.  Approved by my Orthopedic surgeon.  Against all odds, I proceeded to film (2) new workouts just 3 months after the accident. I avoided surgery which was an option that looked to be likely on my first visit to ER.   But, I digress…

Here is the “WHY” you must include in your fitness regime:

Balance exercise benefits

Balance is required for just about everything you do in your day.  This includes things we take for granted, like simply getting out of bed in the morning, getting out of a chair, getting in and out of a car.  Strong muscles are needed to keep yourself steady and will make the difference in whether you are chair bound in your Senior years or getting out and about walking, biking, gardening, and most importantly just doing the every day things we do when our feet hit the floor each day.

3X3FIT Toe Free Grip Socks

The 3X3FIT program is known for it’s balance work.

We have dozens of workouts that incorporate balance focused exercise.

My suggestion is that you choose (3) 3X3FIT workouts a week that include balance training exercises that strengthen the muscles that keep you upright, including your legs and core.  These are critical exercises that can improve your stability and help prevent falls.

My pick for your Balance regime:

Please note:  Many of the workouts listed below are on the 3X3FIT Youtube Channel.   However, ALL workouts are available to our OnDemand members.  Some workouts may require other 3X3FIT tools such as the MINI HINGEFIRM and the Power Flexcords.  See SHOP page 1 to purchase:  www.3X3FIT.com

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Week 1:

3X3FIT Total Body Sculpt – Beginner Balance  –  3X during week 1

Week 2 and going forward: Pick 3 of the following workouts each week:

3X3FIT MINI HINGEFIRM Stretch Sculpt and Balance I

3X3FIT Total Body Sculpt – Beginner Balance

3X3FIT MINI HINGEFIRM Stretch Sculpt and Balance II

3X3FIT Power Sculpt II (includes a balance segment)

3X3FIT Amped Up II

3X3Fit Grip Socks