So what is 3X3FIT???

3X3 Functional Fitness


“Most often when I do a demo, most people will look at me like okay ‘What is that? Two rings and cords. Really!? What can they do?” I always say “I know what you are thinking. Give me 2 minutes” I hand them a set of rings and cords and put them to work. The rest is history. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. These patented 3 lb weighted rings & heavy tension cord system will get the job done!” Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer

3X3FIT is Functional fitness with a focus on exercises that include strength, balance,flexibility and stretch.  Kim Marie Ross developed 3X3FIT in 2012.  Now 7 years later and many thousands of users, including gyms Nationwide, It is a new generation of fitness that offers a highly effective way to train and condition all muscles of the body.

It is a safe, low impact and balanced approach to fitness conditioning. The exercises promote sculpting and strengthening of the body without adding bulk.

Like Pilates most exercises will initiate from your ‘powerhouse’ muscles.


What is the function of the equipment?

3X3FIT’s unique patented design with weighted rings and heavy/variable resist/assist tension cords ignite all large muscle groups simultaneously with most exercises igniting a strong emphasis on core stability. The 3X3FIT program trains your muscles to work together preparing them for the normal daily tasks.3X3FIT equipment allows beginners to advanced level athletes to perform exercises they could not otherwise do.  It takes yoga and Pilates to a new level with its resist/assist heavy tension system allowing the user to go beyond common yoga and Pilates exercises.  It allows the user to perform other exercises outside the normal yoga and Pilates style exercises and with much greater range of motion.  In fact, it allows the user to perform common exercises that would otherwise be difficult to do or even impossible to do the very first time they exercise with 3X3FIT.  For example, a sit up is not something most can do.  And, if they can, most will not be able to perform with proper position. Often more stress and strain is put on the neck and back while attempting to perform a sit up or core based exercise.   3X3FIT’s resist on the way down works as assist to bring the user back to the start position.  Like wise for a Pilates V-UP.  Most users would not be able to perform with out the assist of the 3X3FIT rings which cradle the user in the V-UP position.

Three sneak peak demos:
Summer Arms & Abs!
Dynamic Stretch & Sculpt:
Let’s Roll! & Power Sculpt Arms!

The 3X3FIT Story:

Kim Marie Ross has been passionate about fitness her entire life.  As a young mother she found herself out of shape and self-conscious.  After discovering fitness after the birth of her second of three children at age 19, she became passionate about encouraging other women to get started.

At age 29 Kim started creating new fitness equipment and programs that would offer fun, variety and results, bringing 19 different unique fitness machines to market since 1994.

She says “Finding an exercise program that you truly enjoy is half the battle.  The only way to see lasting results is to choose a program that you enjoy so that you will stick to it.

3X3FIT offers fun and endless variety in some seriously intense training that even a beginner can participate in.  And, I believe this is the right formulation for truly experiencing a total body transformation.

The 3X3 FIT program is my very best new product development.  The one that has transformed my body.  And, the one I genuinely believe will transform yours.”

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product Developer, CEO

Age 55, Wife, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 5 and including 5 step grandchildren