Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT “I should know better!”


As I train to ride across Iowa with my husband, I put on about 200 miles on my bike this past week and did some step climbing training with a girlfriend training for Spartan.

I really skimped on my 3X3FIT workouts this week. I struggled for the first time in years with my lower back. I know better! 3X3FIT is the reason I CAN do the aggressive workouts I sometimes do.

I have a severe curvature (scoliosis), two herniated discs in my neck and still being super cautious not to overwork the left shoulder from the 2 breaks from bike accident in Sept.

The great news is that 99% of the time I have ZERO issues because of the extreme stretch program with 3X3. I am so passionate about this. It is the same for running. While my knees used to give out at 25 mins I can do an hour with no issues since creating the 3X3FIT stretch program.

But, this week skipping out on 3X3 most of the week gave me issues. My body was not properly stretched and I struggled on my bike with low back pain. I had to cut one ride short.

The first thing I did yesterday was my 3X3FIT workout. Then I went and did the extreme hills and stairs in the afternoon with NO issues! Well, except gasping for air the entire time. Oh my!

I know it is hard in the summer time to slow down with the indoor exercises. I live in MN….trust me I soak up all the outdoor exercise that I can get. Summer is 2 seconds here. But, not worth it! Especially the older we get. We must stretch.

And, for me I am not going to take time to stretch unless I am doing some major muscle building/sculpting too. That is just my workout personality. If you have done any of the 3X3FIT stretch workouts……well, you get that. This is not your ordinary stretching. This goes beyond yoga and Pilates and takes your body into extreme stretch positions that call on your entire body in new ways. #TOTALBODYSHAPING

As you get older and reach those BIG ages….I am 55 in 2 months, this will resonate more and more with you.

Balance & Stretch must be part of your workout regime.

3X3FIT has you covered!

Let’s prove together age is just a #.

It is an honor to workout with you!

God Bless,