Aging can be particularly cruel to our necks! Kim Marie Ross

Kim Marie Ross, age 54, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer/LBRI Representative

Now almost 55 yrs old. Aging is tough but when it comes to the neck, it can be downright cruel. While our faces can maintain a youthful look, the neck will give our age away faster than any other body part. I have been using the Neck Firming Creme for 5 years. I fully believe this has helped stave off the neck wrinkles! I use 2X a day (container lasts 3 mo). Just $46 ($11.50/month!) #1 ingredient is the most healing plant on the planet Aloe Vera. I am super passionate about maintaining a more youthful neck and have been a bit obsessed with it since age 49. There are several LBRI products I can’t live without. This along with Smooth N Firm Eye repair gel ($32 lasts 4-6 months and High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment ($57 lasts 4-6 months) I never promote anything I can’t personally afford. THIS Is affordable skin care!!. Far cheaper than drug store products for HIGH END Department store type skin care. Thank you for shopping with me. My commissions have helped build two wells in India the past two years. – Kim

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Neck Firming Creme Description
Exclusively for the fragile neck and chest area, this advanced neck firming cream works to restore youthful tone and definition. Creped skin on the neck and chest is smoothed from the inside out, plumping and lifting slack, lined skin. Contains a powerhouse of ingredients including plant stem cells. Helps to correct and preserve healthy skin cells resulting in skin that looks and behaves years younger.  To Order: