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How bad do you want your summer arms? Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT

X-ray showing 3 fractures in y left shoulder.  Bike accident Sept. 2018.  Injured area 1 month after injury still very bruised.  Dec 2018 filmed the new Upper Body Power Sculpt Workout- Arms & Shoulders in better shape than before the accident.   The question is “How bad do you want summer arms?” 3X/week with 3X3FIT […]

Aging can be particularly cruel to our necks! Kim Marie Ross

Kim Marie Ross, age 54, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer/LBRI Representative Now almost 55 yrs old. Aging is tough but when it comes to the neck, it can be downright cruel. While our faces can maintain a youthful look, the neck will give our age away faster than any other body part. I have been […]