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Kim Marie Ross 30 day Challenge Shape Up for Spring “My best recommendation for 3X3FIT Workout Regime”

  KIM’S SHAPE UP FOR SPRING 3X3FIT WEEKLY REGIME 30 DAY CHALLENGE! GOAL:  MORE SHAPELY ARMS, LIFTED GLUTES, STRONGER CORE WORKOUT REGIME:  4-5X WEEK  –  UPPER BODY POWER SCULPT:& FLAT BELLY ABS & SCULPTED ARMS I would recommend that you take both of these workouts and do a total of 45 mins of the two.  Just […]

Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT “Change your Mondays. Change you life.”

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer “Change your Mondays.  Change your Life”     Teresa Brenke, Embrace Health Specialty:  Behavior Modification 25 Years teaching 500,000 children, 10,000 adults in over 2000 facilities. ‘The missing piece of the puzzle.’ Exercise   Nutrition  BEHAVIOR/EMOTIONS I am super excited to announce 3X3FIT’s new partnership with Embrace Health. How […]

Kim Marie Ross “3X3FIT is committed to clean water and meals to children around the globe”

    Beginning today every order will provide 4 meals to children in need through Feed My Starving Children. I am most thankful to all of my customers.  And, I am most thankful God has provided a vehicle for my company to give back.  To God be all the Glory.  I am simply the vessel […]