Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT simple (not radical) tips – 90 day total body transformation

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My personal Quick Tips to help you move towards life long healthy choices that can truly transform you body.
1.  EXERCISE REGIME:  3X3FIT Upper Body Sculpt 3-4X a week along with other 3X3FIT workouts of your choice 2X a week.  These workouts will help you to develop lean muscle mass which is going to REV up your metabolism.
2.  CUT THE SUGAR & REDUCE YOUR STARCHS!  This is easier said than done  But, just cutting sugar can help you begin losing weight quickly. Google “effects of sugar to your body”.  It will help you view sugar as the substance that it is.  “POISON” to our bodies.  Source of many diseases.
3.  TAKE ONE BAD FOOD THAT YOU EAT (EACH DAY) AND REPLACE WITH ONE GOOD FOOD:   Good foods taste just as good as bad foods.  For example, if you eat a bowl of processed cereal in the morning, change it up to Steel Cut Oats (Oatmeal).  If you eat pizza, deep fried foods, hamburgers & fries or even a sandwich (generally filled with processed lunch meats & cheeses)  for lunch, change it up to a piece of fish, chicken and side salad.   You get the picture.  Do this for 2 weeks and the new GOOD food becomes your habit.  You will crave the good food and not the bad food.
4.  GET STARTED WITH ENIVA DAILY REGIME:  Begin with the DETOX.  The super sale of $99 ends today.  Don’t miss it!!!
Use code:   This is the best way to begin.  I have shared with you that I began this way in August.  It reset my body back pre-menopause and I have been on this program since.  Feel free to email for more info.  Send your emails to CustomerCare@3X3FITcom  They will forward to me.  Here is my video testimonial.
Of course, this is pretty simplified.  But, begin with this.  Much more coming on this soon!  As most of you know 3X3FIT is a Health Partner with ENIVA (Not a multi-level company. They work with some of the best clinics and hospitals in the world).  3X3FIT will soon be partnering with a Health Coach that can help you with weight management.  It is a program that most weight management resources are missing.   It also  includes a very critical behavior modification piece.  That is sometimes the biggest piece of the puzzle when losing weight.God Bless and praying today is the day you take (more) steps towards the healthiest form of you!

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