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I have struggled my entire life to like water, let alone love water.  Getting even two-three glasses in a day was rare.   Today I LOVE water and panic if I am without my water bottle. Not an exaggeration!   My body craves it.  Our bodies NEED it.

Love this article on drinking water:

The ENIVA detox I started on 8/31 this past year taught me to LOVE water. I have spent most of my life dehydrated! I now get 100-120 ounces a day regularly.  Yes, that may sound like too much to some of you. It did to me pre-detox.  But, read up on water.  A good example is a 150 lb person should drink minimum 75 to 150 depending on activity level.  Take your weight and divide in half for MINIMUM ounces per day.  Check with your health care provider should you have any issues that could effect how much you should or shouldn’t drink.

This article helps you understand the dangers of not getting enough water (GUT ISSUES, KIDNEY ISSUES & ON & ON) and the tremendous benefits of drinking enough.

I begin my new love for water on 8/31 day one of the ENIVA detox.  Now 3 detoxes later (Every 60 days)!  I am loving water.  I begin my days this way (see photos)  during 7 day detox. On maintenance I start the same way but with out a blender. All water bottles lined up. Just different things mixed into 120 ounces of water with maintenance program after detox.


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Happy New Year & God Bless,
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