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Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT simple (not radical) tips – 90 day total body transformation

My personal Quick Tips to help you move towards life long healthy choices that can truly transform you body. 1.  EXERCISE REGIME:  3X3FIT Upper Body Sculpt 3-4X a week along with other 3X3FIT workouts of your choice 2X a week.  These workouts will help you to develop lean muscle mass which is going to REV […]

Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT “Power Info – Your metabolism is slowing down every year after age 40 – most 15% by age 70! FIGHT BACK! Easy solution!”

Fight back! It is not hard!  Getting started is key and staying consistent equally important.  Rev your metabolism back up! UPPERBODY POWER SCULPT to maintain and GAIN new muscle mass!   As a rule, muscle mass declines with age, starting in the 40’s  and picking up speed after about age 50. “By your 70’s, your resting metabolism […]

Kim Marie Ross WATER! Weight loss/maintenance Gut Health Kidney Health & much more

I have struggled my entire life to like water, let alone love water.  Getting even two-three glasses in a day was rare.   Today I LOVE water and panic if I am without my water bottle. Not an exaggeration!   My body craves it.  Our bodies NEED it. Love this article on drinking water: The ENIVA detox […]

Kim Marie Ross 120 days in – update! Winning the battle of menopause! You can too!

  My video testimonial “Winning the battle of menopause”   I WANT THIS FOR YOU!   Experiencing Menopause or not…this is for every woman!  MENOPAUSE IS HARD. And, even being super healthy & fit my entire adult life did not make me immune to the harsh effects of it.  I began to battle back against menopause and the weight gain […]