Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT “DAY 1” Personal note

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer, Age 54 Grandmother 

“It have been working with women my entire adult life –  It is my passion to help you see REAL results.”


Today is the day to begin feeling the best about yourself.  Being the best version of yourself.  We often put this off, but question is why?  What if you start today and you fail?  Failure is your concern, right?  Too many Holiday parties.  Too busy.  Or, you would prefer to enjoy all the sweets without guilt for a few more weeks.  WHY?  Sugar is a toxin and a depressant.  Do you really want to do that to your body but worse yet, your emotional well-being?  Sugar can and will throw you into a crazy hormonal frenzy!  Just google “What can sugar do to me?”  (Cancer is among the many things it can do to you.)

YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST CHEERLEADER!  No matter how many times, you can begin again!  You are your worst judge and critic.  Nobody else is judging you.  You don’t even have to tell anybody you have started.  While it can be good to be accountable, being accountable to yourself is the best success plan.

JOURNAL.  Journal how it feels to feel GOOD.  Pray.  Yes, pray.  Never prayed before?  It’s easy.  Just ask God to help you.  To give you strength, will power, wisdom to make the right choices.   God wants you to feel your best.  When you feel your best….He gets your best.  I often counsel women on this because as women, Mothers & Grandmothers, we feel guilty if we take time out for ourselves.   The reality is that you will be the best Mother, the best Wife, the best Grandmother, the best YOU when you feel your best. #MOREENERY!

How often do we find ourselves in a pity party when we do not feel our best?  I have been there!  Many times.  Prior to age 37, I was a sugar addict (that is another story:}).  I was an emotional mess.   In March 2001, I committed to God to give up sweets, candy, desserts.   My life changed.  But that is another story for another day.

I am very passionate about helping women be the best version of themselves.  I have been helping women my entire adult life since discovering fitness at the age of 19 completely out of shape after having my first two of three children.

Here is my best suggestion for you to get started:  These three things can lead to the success you are looking for! 

  1. Choose an exercise program you LOVE!  Yes, I hope it is 3X3FIT, but if it is not, continue searching until you find the one that you love and will come back to 4-5X a week.  Mix it up!  Variety is key to staying motivated.   I have made a commitment to my 3X3FIT users to continue to add new workouts regularly to keep ‘you’ motivated.  To shock and challenge the muscles to make real changes.   My entire body changed 7 years ago when I created 3X3FIT.  From a cardio junkie to focusing on muscle conditioning/sculpting with 3X3FIT.  There are currently 35 3X3FIT workouts available to you.  We are shooting “Flat Belly Abs & Sculpted Arms” this weekend.  This has become a class favorite (mine too!).
  2. NUTRITION IS KEY! As some of you know I recently did a detox program that resulted in a reset of my metabolism and 7 lbs weight loss bringing me back to Pre-menopause weight.  Now almost 4 months later, I have settled at a 5 lbs weight loss after over 3 months into a daily regime with this program as that is really my best weight.  Any less and I don’t look healthy.  I would love to share that with you again but reach out to me if you would like info (See below how to reach me).  I will send you full details.  Its starts with a 7-day detox and from there includes a nutritional supplemental component which has really reset my entire body back to pre-menopause. I could not be more passionate about it.  Many of my customers have experienced the same success with weight loss and feeling much more energetic!  It is not a Multi-Level Marketing program.  It is a program used by Hospitals and Clinics all over the world including Mayo & Cleveland Hospitals.  I want to share the entire story instead of just throwing out the name.  The info is the KEY.  Too much to write in this blog.
  3. Reduce greatly or REMOVE the sugar and unhealthy starches from your body. It is not that hard.  Start replacing bad foods with good foods!  Remember to journal so you remember what those foods are!

 Private message me at Kim Marie Ross or 3X3 FIT (Facebook page) or email if you would like more information on the nutritional supplemental program I began in August.  It has truly brought me back to my Pre-menopause self.  So thankful!  Many testimonials for you to read first.

I pray that I have encouraged you to take that first step to be the best version of you.

God Bless,

Kim Marie Ross, age 54

God first, Wife, Mother & Grandmother



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