Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT – “One Single Exercise FAST Sculpted Inner/Outer Thighs – Easy Peasy!”

Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer

“Don’t work hard. Work Smart”

The inner/outer thighs is missed in most workouts.  In fact, most of you would say that your inner and outer thighs might even feel a little like a marshmallow.  There is good reason for that.  So much of what we do in our regular workout regime focuses on front to back work, targeting the back of the thighs and the front (hamstring and Quadriceps).  This one very targeted exercises hits the inner and outer thighs while also targeting upper body and core.  Can’t beat that!  I always say that this one exercise is worth the price of admission for the 3X3FIT program.  Women love this one!  A class favorite. They feel it the next day (in a good sore way).  You know you have hit muscles you so rarely work.

One single exercise EASY to do but targets the INNER/OUTER thighs 360.


So how much is admission right now?  Well, the equipment is totally FREE!  Just sign up for 6 month 3X3FITOnDemand membership for $69 and your equipment is free!  No strings attached!  Cancel after 6 months and keep the equipment!  Get access to all 35 3X3FIT workouts and all new that launch at no added fees.  This is a popular Black Friday deal that you can still take advantage of but of course is ending soon….so don’t miss out!

How do you access OnDemand?  Computer, Tablets, Smart TV, Cell Phone….anywhere you have internet.  Easy one step login.  Easy Peasy as my grandchildren would say!

Hope to be working out with you soon and helping you tighten and tone muscles that are long forgotten!

God Bless,

Kim Marie Ross



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