Kim Marie Ross 3X3FIT “Headed to Boston”


Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product Developer 

Headed to BOSTON MANIA! 

In April 2017 3X3FIT launched in a fast and furious way into the consumer arena.  I am most thankful and honored to be spending time with thousands of women all over the Country during their weekly workout time.

This past January we began entering gyms all over the Country.  While we are currently in a more ‘grass roots’ approach, there are more and more instructors and gyms training to teach.  Just yesterday another YMCA (Kentucky) purchased “Club Kits” and training.  See ‘CLASSES’ tab on website to find a gym/instructor in your City.

We are now part of SCW Fitness, which is an internationally recognized education body that provides hands-on certifications and continuing education courses and conventions to fitness professionals in multiple disciplines nationwide.

We kicked off our new relationship with SCW Fitness in October at Midwest MANIA in Chicago and now headed to Boston MANIA this Thurs – Sunday.  Midwest MANIA was a tough start for me as I taught classes to dozens of instructors with one arm in a sling due to 3 breaks in my clavicle (bicycle accident).  But, with the help of my Master Trainer Teresa Brenke, we gave it our best.

Next up Boston and I am sling free and feeling pumped and ready to bring it!  I am meeting (for the first time!) two 3X3FIT instructors Nancy McCretton and Jeannie Lieder who have been teaching 3X3FIT for over a year.   I will be training/certifying them to become 3X3FIT Master Trainers.  While we do offer ONLINE 3X3 INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION TRAINING, they will hit the East Coast in a big way doing LIVE training in gyms/studios.

We are expecting 2019 to be our big break out year in Gyms.  With that said, whether you love to work out at home or prefer gym classes, the 3X3FIT program is the perfect gym for your home.  It is essentially your Portable Pilates machine that will also take you beyond your normal yoga poses and beyond stretches and poses that would be impossible without the aid of the patented 3X3FIT equipment.  Super affordable and takes up almost no space!

We currently have a FREE Equipment deal with NO strings attached.  Just sign up for 6 month OnDemand Membership(35+ workouts. Adding new regularly!) for $69 and your equipment is totally FREE.  That is a $59 value FREE.  See BLACK FRIDAY deals at   These Black Friday deals will end soon.  So don’t wait!

Thank you to my loyal 3X3FIT users.  And, thank you to our many 3X3FIT Instructors throughout the Country.   Maybe see some of you in Boston!

BOSTON MANIA Here we come!

God Bless,

Merry Christmas!

Kim Marie Ross

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