Kim Marie Ross – Hormonal Frenzy? Results are coming in from 7 day detox/Menopause Power Packs


I have been there.  I recently shared my own weight loss story (using 7 day detox & menopause power pack.  See video testimonial link:   I lost 5 lbs with detox and an additional 2 lbs post detox with the daily regime.  Now almost 4 months later, I am holding steady at 5 lbs weight loss and most importantly maintaining easily.  I do drop down to 7 now and then, but 5 is really where my body wants to be and where it looks healthiest.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Ben (Developer of the Eniva Program) recently.   He explained the ‘why’ these products we hand-selected for the Menopause Power Packs are helping to eliminate that hormonal frenzy as well as helping women shed the lbs they gained and help balance out the metabolism.   (So much info you can find on the actually site about this! Click on any link below to get to the site).

 I just recently received more great news from one of our 7 Day Detox users Denise Wald.

‘It works! I lost 7 pounds and 1 inch with the 7 day 3X3FIT Eniva Detox and Whole Body Natural Cleanse.   I am now 13 days post detox and have lost an additional 3 pounds with the 3X3FIT Eniva Menopause PowerPack Base! Yeah!   It was just the reset I needed to halt bad habits and start fresh.   I am definitely going to stick with the program and continue on with my health and wellness goals! Denise Wald

Don’t get me wrong!  This is not a magic pill!!  This takes effort and commitment on your part to do this program as suggested.  Its worth it ladies!!  Do you want to feel your best again?  Do you want to feel good about yourself again?  I have walked this difficult road you are on.  Gaining weight without doing anything different.  This is the FIRST and only thing that has taken me back to Pre-menopause state.  I am so thankful!!!!  I pray this for you too!

Today is a new day and I just highly encourage you to map out a strategy that is doable for you in the next few weeks.   See my thoughts for a doable strategy below.

Please share your results.  This encourages all!

Lynn Lostlund – day 4:   6 lbs 1″ off waist.

Deb King – Day 7:  7 lbs 2″ off waist.

Kim Ross – 7 lbs 1″ off waist  (now 90 days later maintaining!)

Denise Wald – 10 lbs day 13.

Jennifer Mitchell – 6 lbs

To get started!
Detox bottle kit page –

On Sale!  $119 (Reg: $158.66)ENDING SOON!

Detox is your kick-start. If you really want long lasting results:

STEP 2: After the Detox Plan, follow up with the products I am now using monthly to continue to see results and feel great. Choose what fits your budget and continue getting results like I did.
Menopause PowerPack Base $99:
Menopause PowerPack Silver $119:
Menopause PowerPack Gold $149:

30 day strategy to see RESULTS:

1) Start with Detox (eliminate the starches, alcohol & sugars during the 7 days for best results)

2) Map out a 4X minimum per week fitness regime (would love for that to be 3X3FIT but whatever it is, make sure you enjoy it or you won’t keep it up!)

3)  Be prepared with any of the three Menopause Power Packs to continue this for 30 days.  I believe you will be a lifer after that.  I am!

Please PM with any questions.

To a happier, healthier you!

God Bless,

Kim Marie Ross

ENIVA is part of many top clinics and hospitals throughout the world.  Rochester Mayo & Cleveland Clinic being just a couple of them.  This is not a Multi-level marketing program.  Because of my large customer base I was selected to be a Health Partner.  I am most honored by that.  And, so thankful to offer this to my customers as this really can make significant life long changes in your life.

Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer/Best-Selling Author, Dr. Michael Roizen with Eniva Health CEO, Andrew Baechler at the CCF Integrative Health Conference.

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