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Kim’s personal video message  My hair is growing like a weed. Skin looking better than it has in years!!!  Sleeping!!!  I have been an insommiac my entire life!   Consistent compliments on my skin & maintaining weight loss EASILY doing nothing differently now 90 days into this. 7 day Detox/Menopause Power Pack.  Since I wrote this […]

Kim Marie Ross – Sleep Glorious Sleep!  After a lifetime of insomnia an answer to my prayers.

Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT Product & Program Developer To say I have been an insomniac my entire life would be far from an exaggeration. Maybe you can relate?   I can truly remember back to age 3 or 4 laying in bed every night trying to fall asleep.  I have tried many things through the years […]

Kim’s personal recommendation for 3X3FIT weekly workout regime.

My personal recommendation is based on you having full approval of your healthcare provider.  Workout at your own pace.   Of course, you know your own limitations so don’t feel bad stopping and taking a break as needed. See Beginner & Intermediate/Advanced Suggested Program Below. IMPORTANT NEW USERS – GETTING STARTED!  Begin with any of the […]

Kim Marie Ross – Hormonal Frenzy? Results are coming in from 7 day detox/Menopause Power Packs

HORMONAL FRENZY?  WEIGHT GAIN?  NOT DOING ANYTHING DIFFERENT, BUT YOUR BODY IS SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL? I have been there.  I recently shared my own weight loss story (using 7 day detox & menopause power pack.  See video testimonial link:   I lost 5 lbs with detox and an additional 2 lbs post detox with the […]