Kim Marie Ross – Why is 3X3FIT such a powerful tool for Power Stretching?

There are so many benefits of stretching.  And, the older we get the more critical that is.  It can make a difference of how you body moves just getting out of bed or up out of a chair.  Right?!  And, then there is balance.  That is also so KEY as we age.  It is not if you are going to fall, it is when.  I have had my share the past few years.  (Recent Bike accident! 3 broken bones in my shoulder area but using 3X3FIT Dr. approved since week two with some limitations of course. Shot three new workouts at week six!)  How you land and the impact of your injuries will rely heavily on how strong your bones are and the muscles that support them.  Bottom line is if ever there was a time to dedicate time in your day to exercise, now is the time if you are over age 40.

So what makes 3X3FIT Stretch so special?  In the a nutshell, 3X3FIT is a patented device that allows beginners to athletes to perform stretches and balance poses they could not otherwise do without the device.  The device features two heavy duty resist cords (NOT BANDS!) that hold your body in place.  Those same tension cords are also part of the reason for the super sculpt phase of the exercise.

When I set out to create a Stretch program, I had no idea how powerful this stretch program would be in my own life.  My hope and prayer was to create a program that took you beyond yoga (& IT DOES!).  I have 2 severe curves in my spine (Scoliosis).  The 3X3FIT Stretch program has been a game changer for me.  It could be for you too.  Always check in with your Health Care provider first for approval.

So, what are the benefits of  stretching?  Oh so many!  Just a few of the Benefits of stretching: Better posture, Improved Circulation, Increased flexibility and range of motion (Prevent Injury), Improved circulation, Stress Relief (which might also help release anxious thoughts)

There are dozens of workouts available with the 3X3FIT program.  I hope you give it a try!  Check out AMPED UP II, DYNAMIC STRETCH & SCULPT. PRECISION BODY SCULPT I & II (PRECISION BODY SCULPT III will be added in the next few days. LOVE).  These are amazing power stretch & sculpt workouts).  If you have OnDemand membership ( ) you will have access to ALL workouts.  Every workout has a stretch component to it.


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