10- 22-18
Last Friday I gave you a glimpse and little bit of background on what I recently discovered and did a 180 on my body in so many ways.    Just a quick recap:  At 54, it is no secret I am at ‘that’ age. And, while I thought I could just magically bypass any effects of  menopause by living a healthy lifestyle pretty much my entire adult life, that just hasn’t been the case. I have battled a slowed metabolism (since Menopause) and a 5-7 lb weight gain the past 2 years. And, most of the fat wanting to remain around the mid-section (back fat).60 days ago I did something different. And it was NOT a diet! I don’t believe in diets. I lost 4 lbs my first week. Beginners luck I thought! And, then 2nd week down 7 lbs pre-menopause weight! More important, I have kept it off and again by not dieting or doing a single thing different in my daily diet. Metabolism back in high gear. Feeling all over GREAT! Lifetime insomniac and no more long bouts throughout the night! Skin and hair looks much more vibrant.I feel like my metabolism was basically reset as well as so many other amazing things!  The best way to learn about what I used and discovered is to watch this brief video (my video testimonial).

This is not a multi-level marketing program.  In fact if you order you will NOT be encouraged to sign up to be a distributor – because you can not.  My research satisfied me that this is a very highly rated company.  It is an NSF certified company which I sought out  initially to develop a new protein based coffee, but I left the manufacturing facility that day with a 7 day detox.  Forget the coffee! The changes I experienced were so amazing that I have continued on a daily regime that is easy and requires zero dieting.  In fact, I have not changed a single thing about the way I eat.  When I find new ways that can significantly help make good and healthy changes to the body, I want to share!A little bit about the company… most importantly, they actually MAKE their own products! I’ve been to the manufacturing facility, met the owners and many of the staff. They are passionate about quality, innovation and helping people achieve amazing health outcomes. The name is Eniva Health, located in Plymouth, Minnesota. They have been in business for over 20 years, are a top rated (NSF Certified) functional food and supplement manufacturer and their products are carried in some of the most prestigious hospitals and institutions in the world (literally!). Did I mentioned they also have published clinical trials…very cool!

One of the things I like best about Eniva Health products is they are COLD PROCESSED, non-pasteurized and non-irradiated – which means they are incredibly potent and fresh. It also means your body does not have to “work” as hard to use the nutrients. Many of their products are also specifically designed and formulated for “Baby Boomers”… which is great for many of us!

They have offered two incredible coupons for all of my 3X3 Customers.  Follow these links to order:

Detox bottle kit page  –      SEE COUPON CODES BELOW 

Fitness Starter kit –  SEE COUPON CODES BELOW 

3X3Detox99      Just $99 for the 7 day detox!  Reg:  $158.66
OR take one step further…
3X3Starter149  Just $149 for Starter Kit! Reg:  $183.90

I know the changes that occurred in my body during the Eniva process were exactly what the company said I should expect.  I wanted to make sure the changes I experienced were not a quick fix fluke. For me, the changes have lasted these 60 days. These are lasting changes.  I fully believe you can see changes too.  And, I hope you give it a try.  Would love your feedback if you try it!!

Hope you take advantage as this is a temporary deal just for my customers.

God Bless,
Kim Marie Ross

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