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OnDemand Workout System

Workout system: Equipment & membership to dozens of workouts!
                     Cancel Anytime                 

                       WEB SPECIAL!                        Limited Time!


3X3 Fit Body Sculpt

             3X3FIT Body Sculpt              
Includes (2) 30 min
Total Body Workouts
Sale! $49!
 Reg $59.00 

Ultimate Body Sculpt Package

          ULTIMATE Body Sculpt                               Equipment package                 Click to see details!
                             $129.00                                      New Everything package!                               

3X3 Fit Ultimate Plus

               ULTIMATE PLUS                Equipment, 15 DVDS, Total Body Roller, Power Cords + OnDemand Lifetime Membership
Sale Price: $199.00
                Value: $300+                   

Special $139
                  SAVINGS $128!                     2 Sets & LIFETIME Membership!


OnDemand Access Lifetime Membership

OnDemand Access
Lifetime Membership
Sale Price: $99.00  
               Reg Price: $149.00                    

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3X3FIT Upper Body Power Sculpt
Amped Up I
Amped Up II

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